The Occupational Profile of the Volunteer Manager
Cristina Rigman (RO)

Cristina RigmanThis workshop aims to engage participants in an active debate discussing whether volunteer management is an occupation in itself and the volunteer manager a full time job and which are the particular circumstances that support this vision. The workshop will tackle the questions of the ‘super-person’ that the volunteer manager should be, considering the complexity of the tasks a volunteer manager performs and the long list of personal qualities, professional skills and knowledge that the volunteer manager should have.

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Participants will have the opportunity to explore pros and cons of hiring a full time volunteer manager or assigning volunteer management tasks to people performing other tasks or relying on volunteers for volunteer management and will identify the key elements that enable the volunteer manager to do a good job within a volunteer involving organization. The workshop will be based on interactive and participatory methods, aiming to stimulate debate and creativity and maximize the knowledge and experience of the people in the room.

Quality Standards for Volunteer Management
Marta Hauser & Tamara Fabac (HR)

Tamara FabacMarta HauserThe term „quality” is often used as a very broad concept, but when we think about the quality and the volunteer involving organizations, quality refers to the learning and recognition of what the organization does well and what is trying to do / work better in the field of involvement and direct work with volunteers in the organization.

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During the workshop, participants will have a chance to learn more about the newly developed tool in the „Wake-Up Call: Volunteer Manager Role” project (in the frames of which this conference takes place), which can help interested organizations in improving the effectiveness of their volunteer programs and contribute to enhancing the credibility and reputation of the organization in the community in which it operates. Through the workshop participants will have a chance to discuss existing experience in using similar tools and give suggestions for further use in quality assurance and possibilities of certification.

Skills and Training of Volunteer Managers
Alžbeta Frimmerová (SK)

Alzbeta FrimmerovaThis workshop will illustrate key elements of volunteer management training which are needed for volunteer manager development.  Participants will discuss the skills gaps and training needs of volunteer managers, relevant curriculum, and learning outcomes of a complex volunteer management training. In addition to content, we will also discuss its length, time setting, selection of training techniques, and training materials. The workshop will also examine the critical skills and profile of a trainer in the area of volunteer management.

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The workshop is designed for trainers, training providers, and volunteer managers.  It will guide participants to present their views and experience through group discussions, exercises, and presentations of successes but also failures in this area.

Validation of Skills for Volunteer Managers
Borbála Hadrévy & Maria Arapovics (HU)

Maria ArapovicsBorbala In the framework of the project ”Wake-Up Call: Volunteer Manager Role”, funded by the EU, European project partners have elaborated 4 outputs: an occupational profile for the volunteer manager, a set of quality standards in volunteer management, a curriculum for training volunteer managers and a procedure for validating skills of volunteer managers. The main topic of this workshop is the validation of volunteer managers’ experiences.

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The workshop addresses people involved in volunteering either as volunteers, volunteer coordinators, leaders of volunteer involving organizations or employee volunteering professionals as well as experts of validation of skills and competences. At the beginning of the workshop the validation process and tool of the project will be presented. Than we would like to explore your views – in a playful way on – the followings: whether validation is needed (pros and cons); how to make it most user friendly; and how to popularize it.

By the end of the workshop –with your help – we might end up with the perfect tool…

Avoid Multiplying Burnout
Dr. Réka BikfalviNoémi Balázs (HU)

Balazs_NoemiBikfalvi_RekaBurn out is a global health risk, that is likely to become a leading cause of death by 2030. Volunteers can be a particularly vulnerable group, putting extra efforts in their work often in overwhelming circumstances, without easy-coming rewards. Managers have a significant role in preventing subordinates’ burnout, which is why protecting volunteer managers’ mental health may multiply the positive effects of burn out prevention among their volunteer colleagues. 

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The aim of our workshop is to provide the participants with an opportunity to get acquainted with the main phases of the burnout process. They can learn about recognizing the first signs, as well as their own status. They will also get practical tips for preventing their volunteer colleagues’ or their own advancement towards deeper and more severe phases.

The atmosphere of the workshop will be cheerful and relaxed, serving also as a teambuilding and recreation experience. The joint work will be interactive and based on examples from the participants’ own professional practice as volunteer managers. After the workshop they will be more aware of their possibilities in avoiding multiplying burn out, and also have a more practical and positive attitude towards burn out prevention. Our workshop will be a platform for humour, interactive and creative exercises, as well as for useful practical knowledge. Maximum number of participants is 30. 


Are Volunteer Managers Allowed to Say “NO”?
Tina KovačićLorena Zec (HR)

Lorena ZecTina KovačićOf course, sometimes even a volunteer manager can say no. It is a job just like any other, with lots of beautiful people but also with pretty much complex situations when you just have to say “no”. Volunteers give their time selflessly, they work for the benefit of others and sometimes their managers feel bad if they are feeling bad about their coordinating position. Do you have trouble saying “no” to your volunteers? Do you struggle with time management and trying to satisfy everybody?

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Do you sometimes have a hard time being a “bridge” between the volunteers and NGO management? Don’t worry, we all feel it sometimes and one part of the solution is to learn how to say no. Sometimes you just have to say no to volunteers, sometime to your colleagues and sometimes to your superiors or NGO management. In this workshop we will talk about what assertiveness is and how to be more assertive. We will practice how to say your opinion without hurting anybody’s feelings. Together, we will think about all those moments when you ought to say “no” but didn’t and maybe anticipate some future situations to say “no”. 

Volunteering All-Inclusive
Iuliana Dinu (RO/UK)

Iuliana DinuThe workshop offers an opportunity  for the exchange of best practices for volunteer managers across Europe in their community work. It will provide an enriching experience for all participants. The workshop will: Facilitate an open dialogue with all the participants – volunteer managers and other stakeholders  in order to change people’s attitudes towards involving vulnerable young people and adults in voluntary work; Open a consultation around the skills, training and support needed for people with disabilities and experiencing mental health difficulties in order to increase their access to voluntary work in the community; Enable Volunteer managers around Europe to develop new ideas of inclusive volunteer programmes.

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The workshop will provide the participants with: new skills for supporting vulnerable young people and adults and facilitate their active  participation in volunteering programmes; a better understanding of working with vulnerable young people and adults as volunteers; Ideas to identify and develop volunteer roles matching vulnerable adults needs with organisation and community needs; An opportunity to discuss the day-to-day challenges in managing inclusive volunteer programmes.

Since 2005 the Stepping Stones Project (Volunteer Centre Kensington and Chelsea) developed volunteering support services available to people with learning and physical disabilities and experiencing mental health illnesses in Kensington and Chelsea, London, UK. Throughout the past 10 years we have worked with organisations in London and we have seen the significant impact voluntary work can have on both volunteers and the organisations.


Working with Employee Volunteers
Dominic Pinkney (UK)

Dominic PinkneyA practical and interactive workshop on planning and delivering successful employee volunteering events (that businesses will pay for).

The workshop will include: Setting up the commercial agreement – how to deal with businesses and structure the deal; Preparing and planning the event – how to do it well as well as common mistakes; Managing the event on the day – structuring and organising the event to ensure employee volunteers have a satisfying experience; Reporting and impact – demonstrating the value of the volunteering; Building relationships – how to develop long-term partnerships with businesses and their employees.

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The workshop will be based on real life examples and situations and participants will finish the workshop with a good understanding of how to deliver professional employee volunteering events that will help build further relationships with businesses.