By Gail Stein

Useful, on-the-job aid for owners who paintings with Spanish-speaking family employeesThis compact, phrase-packed source offers all of the vocabulary that householders have to converse successfully with Spanish-speaking house-keepers, chefs, nannies, gardeners, handymen, and different loved ones staff. it is written expressly for householders, so clients will locate the entire words and vocabulary they should take on every little thing from grocery buying to baby care. whole with pronunciations for all listings, this hands-on consultant successfully bridges the communique hole.

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Por ejemplo? pohr eh-hehm-ploh How many times did you miss work? For what reasons? ¿Cuántas veces faltó al trabajo? ¿Por cuáles razones? koo-ahn-tahs beh-sehs fahl-toh ahl trah-bah-hoh pohr koo-ah-lehs rrah-soh-nehs Do you have any work-related (personal) references? ¿Tiene referencias relacionadas al trabajo (personales)? tee-eh-neh rreh-feh-rehn-see-ahs rreh-lah-see-oh-nah-dahs ahl trah-bah-hoh (pehr-soh-nah-lehs) May I contact your references? How? ¿Puedo contactar a sus referencias? ¿Cómo?

Fah-bor deh noh mehs-klahr ehl ah-moh-nee-ah-koh kohn ehl blahn-keh-ah-dohr Please don’t apply furniture polish. Favor de no aplicar el lustrador de muebles. fah-bor deh noh ah-plee-kahr ehl loos-trah-dohr deh moo-eh-blehs Please don’t use anything abrasive. Favor de no usar nada abrasivo. fah-bor deh noh oo-sahr nah-dah ah-brah-see-boh Please be careful with chemicals. Favor de tener cuidado con los químicos. fah-bor deh teh-nehr koo-ee-dah-doh kohn lohs kee-mee-kohs Please use a mask (rubber gloves) when necessary.

Todavía está sucio (sucia). fah-bohr deh leem-pee-ahr-loh (leem-pee-ahr-lah) oh-trah behs toh-dah-bee-ah ehs-tah soo-see-oh (soo-see-ah) Please disinfect the phones. Favor de desinfectar los teléfonos. fah-bohr deh dehs-een-fehk-tahr lohs teh-leh-foh-nohs Please do it this way (like this). Favor de hacerlo de esta manera (así). fah-bohr deh ah-sehr-loh deh ehs-tah mah-neh-rah (ah-see) Please don’t break anything. Favor de no romper nada. fah-bohr deh noh rrohm-pehr nah-dah Please tell me if you break something.

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