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Keep all the connections under a weatherproof cover. Two bridge rectifiers PMG manual Page 38 February 2001 7. Testing and connecting Check that the PMG has no faults before it is put into use. It will be much easier to correct the faults now, than to return the unit to the workshop later. Mechanical testing Mount the spine vertically in a vice. The magnet rotors are free to move. The shaft is horizontal, as it will be in a wind generator. Check that the wires are not touching each other, creating a short circuit which makes the PMG harder to turn.

Check that the magnets next to the holes on one rotor are different from the ones next to the holes on the other rotor (see diagram 36). 36. THE TWO ROTORS ARE NOT THE SAME S N N S N N S N S S N S S N N S Stainless Steel wire When the PMG is turning, the magnets will try to fly off the rotors. There is a large centrifugal force pulling the magnet blocks to fly away. When we started building these PMGs, the magnet blocks were simply glued to the steel disks. When the PMGs turned fast, the magnets flew off, and the wind generators were destroyed.

Hit the mould, and not the rotor. Four stages of the rotor casting procedure PMG manual Page 33 February 2001 6. Assembly Rotor balancing Each rotor should be balanced, or the PMG will shake when it is turning. The whole PMG needs to be balanced again at the end, because the rotors may not be mounted exactly centrally. A different procedure is used for the final balancing in Section 6. To balance a magnet rotor (see diagram 38), first attach the PCD jig (from diagram 11), using four bolts. Then balance the rotor on a spike as shown: 38.

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