By Ken Wilber

This ebook chronicles humanity's cultural and psychospiritual evolutionary trip over a few six million years from its primal prior into its unbelievable cosmic destiny.

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Fig. 2B. Ceptic woodcut. The Mysterious Serpent 27 well? I am not going to make a drawn-out argument for this, but simply take it as highly probable that, as Arieti’s classic study (which won the National Book Award for Science) put it: “What is of fundamental impor­ tance is that the [two] processes [phylogeny and ontogeny] to a large ex­ tent follow similar developmental plans. This does not mean literally that in the psyche . . ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny, but that there are certain similarities in the [two] fields of development and that we are able to individualize schemes of highest forms of generality which involve all levels of the psyche in its [two] types of development.

193 That is, each stage of evolution t r a n s c e n d s but i n c l u d e s its predecessors. Thus, early life forms (plants) went beyond but included lifeless matter and minerals in their makeup; and animals went beyond plant forms (simple life) but included life in their makeup. 224, 360 As the first hominids or protohuman creatures emerged in evolution, they emerged upon and around a basic core of natural and animal struc­ tures that were a l r e a d y defined by previous evolution. And while man would eventually transcend that core, he had from the start to include it, to assimilate it, to grow through it before he could grow out of it.

Many religious-anthropologists, of course, would like to see this state as angelic, for it was prior to the emergence of reason, logic, personality, division, and subject/object. But their opinion, otherwise well-intended, is supported by a simple failure to distinguish between p r e -personal and fram-personal, pre-mental and trans-mental, pre-egoic and trans-egoic. They understand that Atman is indeed without ego, without subject/object duality, without division, but they then confuse pre and trans and thus imagine that Eden was some sort of trans-personal heaven, whereas it was simply a pre-personal slumber.

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