By J. L. and Shirley Radding Jones

Content material: an outline of the dept of power application for the restoration of power and fabrics from city strong waste / Donald okay. Walter -- Thermochemical conversion of biomass to fuels and feedstocks : an summary of R&D actions funded via the dept of strength / G.F. Schiefelbein, L.J. Sealock, Jr., and S. Ergun -- initial monetary evaluate of large-scale thermal conversion structures utilizing wooden feedstocks / Stephen M. Kohan -- wooden gasification : an previous know-how with new power for the eighties / Jack J. Fritz, Abu Talib, and Judith J. Gordon -- Mass burning of municipal good waste all over the world / Philip R. Beltz -- An overview of modular incinerators for strength restoration from sturdy wastes / David C. Bomberger and Jerry L. Jones -- power restoration from wooden residues by way of fluidized-bed combustion / J.W. Stallings and Mike Oswald -- Fluid-bed combustion of reliable wastes / Robert H. Vander Molen -- power restoration from municipal reliable waste and sewage sludge utilizing multisolid fluidized-bed combustion know-how / Wayne E. Ballantyne, William J. Huffman, Linda M. Curran, and Daniel H. Stewart -- The training and homes of densified refuse-derived gasoline -- Harvey adjust and Jay A. Campbell / The Eco-Fuel II technique : generating a storable, portable gas for co-combustion with oil / Floyd Hasselreiis -- Small-scale resource densification of military strong waste / Donald Brunner -- Biomass densification strength requisites / T.B. Reed, G. Trezek, and L. Diaz -- Densification structures for agricultural residues / Thomas R. Miles and Thomas R. Miles, Jr. -- Replenishable natural power for the twenty first century / John L. Stafford and Andrew D. Livingston -- gas from stable wastes via a noncatalytic, thermal method / James P. Diebold -- gasoline creation from wastes utilizing molten salts / R.L. homosexual, K.M. Barclay, L.F. Grantham, and S.J. Yosim -- Biomass gasification on the concentration of the Odeillo (France) 1-MW (thermal) sunlight furnace / M.J. Antal, Jr., C. Royere, and A. Vialaron -- Operation of a downdraft gasifier fueled with source-separated sturdy waste / S.A. Vigil, D.A. Bartley, R. Healy, and G. Tchobanoglous -- The Enerco pyrolysis process / E.W. White and M.J. Thomson -- improvement of modular biomass gasification and combustion platforms / James Fletcher and Richard Wright -- good waste gasification and effort usage / Franklin G. Rinker -- Thermodynamics of pyrolysis and activation within the construction of waste- or biomass-derived activated carbon / F. Michael Lewis and C.M. Ablow -- Canada's biomass conversion know-how R&D application / Ralph Overend -- Pyrolysis of agricultural residues in a rotary kiln / R.H. Arsenault, M.A. Grandbois, E. Chornet, and G.E. Timbers -- Fluidized-bed gasification of good wastes and biomass : the CIL software / J.W. Black, K.G. Bircher, and K.A. Chisholm -- The direct liquefaction of wooden utilizing nickel catalysts / D.G.B. Boocock, D. Mackay, and H. Franco -- The position of catalysis in wooden gasification / D.P.C. Fung and R. Graham -- wooden gasification for fuel and gear iteration / Arun Verma and G.A. Weisgerber -- easy ideas of waste pyrolysis and evaluate of ecu procedures / A.G. Buekens and J.G. Schoeters -- Pyrolysis of plastic waste and scrap tires utilizing a fluidized-bed strategy / Walter Kaminsky and Hansjörg Sinn -- Two-stage good waste pyrolysis with drum reactor and gasoline converter / O. Tabasaran -- The layout of co-current moving-bed gasifiers fueled through biomass / Michiel J. Groeneveld and W.P.M. Van Swaaij -- Pyrolytic restoration of uncooked fabrics from particular wastes / Gerd Collin -- Gasification of good waste in response to the SFW-FUNK method / Harald Funk and Horst Hummelsiep -- review of pyrolysis, thermal gasification, and liquefaction procedures in Japan / M. Hiraoka -- Pilot plant learn on sewage sludge pyrolysis / T. Kasakura and M. Hiraoka -- Gasification of sturdy waste in twin fluidized-bed reactors / M. Kagayama, M. Igarashi, M. Hasegawa, J. Fukuda, and D. Kunii -- Disposal of municipal refuse by means of the two-bed pyrolysis approach / N. Andoh, Y. Ishii, Y. Hirayama, and ok. Ito -- Pyrolysis method for scrap tires / Shigeo Kawakami, Kimio Inoue, Hideki Tanaka, and Tamiharu Sakai -- PUROX method demonstration attempt on simulated eastern refuse / T. Masuda and T.F. Fisher -- built-in process for stable waste disposal with strength restoration and volumetric relief by means of a brand new pyrolysis furnace / Tatsuhiro Fujii -- improvement of an excellent waste disposal procedure with pyrolysis and melting / M. Onozawa -- the potential for biomass conversion in assembly the power wishes of the agricultural populations of constructing nations : an summary / V. Mubayi, J. Lee, and R. Chatterjee -- strength iteration from biomass residues utilizing the gasifier/dual-fuel engine method / Andre A. Dennetiere, Francois Leorat, and George F. Bonnici -- reports at the functional program of manufacturer gasoline from agricultural residues as supplementary gas for diesel engines / Ibarra E. Cruz -- 3rd global purposes of pyrolysis of agricultural and forestry wastes / John W. Tatom, Hadley W. Wellborn, Filino Harahap, and Saswinadi Sasmojo -- A initial research of the potential of constructing countries to take advantage of biomass fuels in automobile engines / J.L. Jones and A.K. Chatterjee -- Social and financial elements of the creation of gasification know-how in rural components of constructing nations (Tanzania) / Michiel J. Groeneveld and K.R. Westerterp

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Jamex I n c . Nova S c o t i a Tech. C o l l e g e P i o n e e r H i Bred I n t . I n c . Quebec E l e c t r o M a r i n e Diesel Inc. Texas Tech U n i v e r s i t y Union C a r b i d e Corp. West V i r g i n i a U n i v e r s i t y Westwood P o l y g a s L t d . Weyerhaeuser Co. Wright M a l t a Corp. 25 200* Ν. A. A. A. A. 84 Ν. A. Ν. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. , J u l y 1978. O. , S i l v i c u l t u r a l Biomass Farms, V o l . , May 1977. , "A Comparison of Thermochemical G a s i f i c a t i o n Technologies f o r Biomass," Proc.

DOE's Fuels from Biomass Branch is keenly interested in maximizing the cost-effective contribution of wood energy (as well as other forms of biomass) to the nation's energy supply. DOE awarded SRI International a contract (EY-76-C-03-0115 PA 131) in late 1977 to assist DOE in determining promising biomass feedstock/conversion technology/ product options for purposes of R&D program planning. This paper briefly reviews the data base for biomass thermal conversion technologies developed as a necessary part of this program planning effort.

And Dickenson, R . L . , "Production of Liquid Fuels and Chemicals by Thermal Conversion of Biomass Feedstocks," paper 78f to be presented at the 72nd AIChE Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA, November 25-29, 1979. Jones, J . L . , "The Costs for Processing Municipal Refuse and Sludge," paper presented at the Fifth National Conference on Acceptable Sludge Disposal Techniques, Orlando, FL, January 31, 1978. , and Blum, D . , for the E l e c t r i c Power Research Institute, EPRI AF-202 (August, 1976).

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