By Lesley Grayson B.Sc.(Econ);A.L.A. (auth.)

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University of Bradford, 1978. 11 pp. Discusses changing trends in employment in relation to the introduction of new technology and possible solutions to the unemployment problems by improvements in the education system A further paper in Time and Tide, 1979 by Stonier looks at the long term strategy for combating unemployment created by microprocessors. 2(4) INTO THE 1980'S. May, G. H. Town and Country Planning (UK), Nov 1979, vol 48, no. 8, pp 259 - 261. Argues that structure plan authorities are not taking into account the probably dramatic effect of microprocessors on future employment patterns.

J09 pp. 4(14) THE MECHANIZATION OF WORK. Ginzberg, E. Scientific American, Sept 1982. 247(3) pp 39 - 47. for communities and cooperatives, community projects and their supporting organisations. 4(20} SERVAN-SCHREIBER SEES 50 MILLION JOBLESS BY 1990. Kirchner, J. Computerworld (USA), 24 May 1982. Vol 16, no. 21, pp 9 - 13. Introductory article on the social impact of technological change and new technology in the United States. Emphasises the duplication of the labour force by machines for the production of goods and draws attention to the growth of the service sector.

INTERNATIONAL REPORTS. 2(6) EXPLANATORY REPORT ON THE CONVENTION FOR THE PROTECTION OF INDIVIDUALS WITH REGARD TO AUTOMATIC PROCESSING OF PERSONAL DATA. Council of Europe. Council of Europe, Strasbourg, 1981. 41 pp. 2(1) TRANSBORDER DATA FLOWS AND THE PROTECTION OF PRIVACY: PROCEEDINGS OF A SYMPOSIUM HELD IN VIENNA, AUSTRIA, 20 - 23 SEPTEMBER 1977. Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, Paris, 1979. 335 pp. W. L. Business Lawyer, 'US) Nov 1983. 39(1), pp 33 - 66. Papers cover current and future trends in trans border_data flows; economic, social and legal implications; and the barriers to, or ease of, transborder data movements.

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