By Barbara Ann Kipfer

Totally compelling!
Barbara Ann Kipfer has increased the checklist to excessive artwork and bestselling excitement. A ultimate specialist of type, in The Order of Things, she does for all times what her past books do for happiness and wisdom—organize it in a fashion that's brilliantly conceived.
The The Order of items is sensible, pleasing, eclectic, and very unlikely to place down. starting with Earth—Smog Alert States, Rain wooded area Layers, Coal Sizes— and finishing with normal wisdom and Philosophy (the I Ching's sixty four "chapters," Ludwig Wittgenstein's four-step approach to Overcoming Puzzlement), it's a 14-chapter taxonomy of the area as we all know it:

• The Seven Hills of Rome, the Seven lethal Sins, the Seven Wonders of the traditional international, the Seven Dwarfs—check.
• The belt levels of karate and judo, weight periods and novice boxing, flower names of the golfing holes at Augusta—check.
• The hierarchy of the FBI, booklet order of Shakespeare's performs, cuts of pork, Freud's divisions of the human psyche, order of rank in international armies and navies, Jupiter's satellites, ships' bells, conventional and glossy wine measures, blood-pressure degrees, quickest animals—check.

A thoroughly critical reference—check.

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