By Mark Gottdiener, Ray Hutchison, Michael T. Ryan

Organized round an built-in paradigm—the sociospatial perspective—the fourth version of this leap forward textual content considers the impression of social elements resembling race, classification, gender, way of life, economics, tradition, and politics at the improvement of metropolitan components. relocating past the normal city–suburb dichotomy, The New city Sociology provides a distinct specialize in the constantly altering nature of metropolitan areas. It integrates the social ecological with the political economic system paradigm via a clean theoretical process emphasizing the significance of area to social lifestyles and actual property to the economic climate and concrete improvement. This absolutely revised version encompasses a new bankruptcy on metropolitan social coverage and increased discussions of foreign areas, key techniques, and the impact of the commercial challenge on housing markets, public coverage, and concrete development.

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At the present time, our towns are an embodiment of the advanced, historic evolution of data, wishes and expertise. Our deliberate and designed actions co-evolve with our aspirations, mediated by means of the prevailing applied sciences and social constructions. town represents the accretion and accumulation of successive layers of collective task, structuring and being dependent by means of different, more and more far-off towns, achieving now correct world wide.

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3. Suburban life—United States. 4. Urbanization—United States—History 5. Sociology, Urban—United States. 6. Sociology, Urban. 7. Urbanization. I. Hutchison, Ray. II. Ryan, Michael T. III. Title. 76'40973—dc23 2014031609 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 CONTENTS Preface to the Fifth Edition 1 THE NEW URBAN SOCIOLOGY Urban Regions Defining the Metropolitan Region Megacities Around the World A New Approach to Urban Sociology Global Capitalism and the Metropolis Structural Factors in Urban Development The Importance of Culture in Metropolitan Life The Sociospatial Approach Summary Key Concepts Discussion Questions 2 THE ORIGINS OF URBAN LIFE Ancient Urbanization Classical Cities Urbanization after AD 1000 The Medieval Order and the Renaissance City Capitalism and the Rise of the Industrial City Summary Key Concepts Important Names Discussion Questions 3 THE RISE OF URBAN SOCIOLOGY Georg Simmel on the City Louis Wirth and Urbanism as a Way of Life The Chicago School of Urban Sociology From Human Ecology to Urban Ecology Summary Key Concepts Important Names Discussion Questions 4 CONTEMPORARY URBAN SOCIOLOGY Political Economy and the City: Classic Approaches The Revival of Urban Political Economy: Henri Lefebvre Class Conflict Theories: Gordon, Storper, and Walker Capital Accumulation Theory Approaches by Urban Sociologists: The Growth Machine Versus the Sociospatial Perspective Real Estate and Government Intervention Semiotics and Urban Culture The Global Economy Summary: The Sociospatial Perspective Key Concepts Discussion Questions 5 URBANIZATION IN THE UNITED STATES The Stages of Urban Growth The Colonial Period: 1630 to 1812 The Era of Industrial Expansion: 1812 to 1920 The Rise of the Metropolis: 1920 to 1960 Summary Key Concepts Discussion Questions 6 SUBURBANIZATION, GLOBALIZATION, AND THE EMERGENCE OF THE MULTICENTERED REGION Deindustrialization and Globalization: Processes That Have Changed Both Cities and Suburbs Since the 1960s Globalization and Uneven Development How Deindustrialization and Globalization Affected Suburbs Beyond Suburbia: The Emergence of the Multinucleated Region Recent Trends in Metropolitan Regions The Shift to the Sun Belt Summary Key Concepts Discussion Questions 7 PEOPLE AND LIFESTYLES IN THE METROPOLIS: URBAN AND SUBURBAN CULTURE Class Differences and Spatial Location Women, Gender Roles, and Space Gay and Lesbian Communities and Urban Life The City as a Special Place: Nightlife, Urban Culture, and Regeneration of Downtowns Urban Culture and City Revitalization Ethnicity and Immigration Ethnic and Cultural Diversity Across the Metropolis Summary Key Concepts Discussion Questions 8 NEIGHBORHOODS AND COMMUNITIES The Search for Community The Social Survey The Community Study Network Analysis: Does Location Matter?

But there is much more. The new urban sociology has three additional dimensions: the shift to a global perspective, attention to the political economy of pull factors (government policies including mortgage guarantees for lenders, tax deductions for homeowners, and the like) in urban and suburban development, and an appreciation for the role of culture in metropolitan life and in the construction of the built environment. GLOBAL CAPITALISM AND THE METROPOLIS The patterns of everyday life that we observe in the contemporary metropolis are the consequence of the complicated and continuing interaction of economic, political, and cultural forces that have not always been studied in urban sociology.

Primary metropolitan statistical area (PMSA) is a geographic entity defined by the OMB for use by federal statistical agencies. ” A PMSA consists of a large urbanized county, or a cluster of such counties (cities and towns in New England) that have substantial commuting interchange. Metropolitan area (MA) is a collective term, established by the OMB and used for the first time in 1990, to refer to metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs), consolidated metropolitan statistical areas (CMSAs), and primary metropolitan statistical areas (PMSAs).

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