By Vernon Silver

A pulse-pounding real-life chase for an historical masterpiece of immeasurable price . . .

Sotheby's. long island urban. June 19, 1990.

not anything of its type were bought to the general public in additional than a century. On a hot June night on Manhattan's top East part, with the auction-house showroom filled with the rich, the curious, and the clicking, background used to be made while an nameless guy in a eco-friendly golfing sweater paid an unparalleled 3 quarters of 1000000 funds to win the twenty-five-hundred-year-old chalice. After that evening, this ancient artifact disappeared, its whereabouts a secret. Until now.

it truly is one of the such a lot prized of antiquities: the Greek artist Euphronios's wine cup depicting the loss of life of Zeus's son Sarpedon at Troy. misplaced for greater than millennia, the chalice—one of in basic terms six of its sort came upon intact—mysteriously surfaced within the selection of a Hollywood manufacturer, who then bought it to a Texas billionaire. Coveted via obsessed deepest creditors, purchasers, and museum curators, it used to be additionally of severe curiosity to the Italian police, who believed it belonged to their nation, the place it had first been dug up past within the 20th century.

during this breathtaking story of historical past, event, and intrigue, archaeologist and journalist Vernon Silver items jointly the extreme story of the misplaced cup and provides a portrait of the fashionable antiquities alternate: a global of tomb raiders, smugglers, filthy rich creditors, bold archaeol-ogists, rapacious purchasers, corrupt curators, and foreign legislations enforcement. Spanning twenty-five hundred years, The misplaced Chalice strikes from the mythic battlefield of the Trojan struggle to the nation-state of twentieth-century Tuscany, the dusty libraries of Oxford college to the exhibition halls of recent York's Metropolitan Museum of artwork, the cramped law-enforcement workplaces of the Carabinieri to the tony rooms of recent York's public sale homes to unravel the secret of the world's rarest masterpiece.

As Silver learns, the invention of the chalice exposes one other riddle—and a good better lacking treasure. Epic and exciting, The misplaced Chalice is a using true-life detective tale that illuminates a big-money, high-stakes, double-dealing international, that's as attention-grabbing because it is unforgettable. Silver's exciting story opens a window onto Italian heritage, tradition, and existence not often obvious.

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After all the trouble I went through to steal it? After how important I told you it was? You’re saying that you and the other brothers made a mess of your part of the job? ” Chandra could feel her skin glowing with the power that her anger unleashed. True, she had lost the scroll, but that mage had been good. ” Her memory of the scroll had not come back. The mind mage had been thorough in cleansing it from her mind. She remembered everything she had done retrieving it, everything about the fight … But he had cut the scroll out with artisanal precision.

The Order of Heliud believes that no one is above the law. ” He shrugged. “Isn’t it true that you Keralians believe there is no law greater than the will of fire? You believe fire burns the criminal and the prosecutor equally, yes? ” Chandra frowned. ” When Chandra and Brannon just stared at him blankly, he said, “Oh. Of course. ” They shook their heads. “And probably few members of the monastery have been there, either. ” said Chandra. She knew that the woodlanders had been on civil terms with the people of the plains and the city until Walbert’s ambitions had become too evident to ignore any longer.

It was easier for most people to accept lies than to understand what it meant to move back and forth among the infinite planes of reality. ” She had looked at the scroll before, but that was on a plane called Kephalai where she had “liberated” it from the Sanctum of the Stars. Once back on Regatha, she had handed the scroll over to the monks at Keral Keep. The scroll was said to be unique, the only record of a fire spell more powerful than any known. Its origin was utterly mysterious, and it had been fiercely protected on Kephalai.

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