By Charles Brown MacDonald

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31 Before the entire Allied front would rest on reasonably economical natural obstacles, and thus before the last offensive could develop in full force, four matters of unfinished business in addition to reconquest of the Ardennes remained to be dealt with. First, the enemy’s second winter counteroffensive, which had started on New Year’s Eve in Alsace, would have to be contained and any gains wiped out. Second, the enemy’s hold-out position around Colmar would have to be erased. Third, the Germans would have to be driven from an angle formed by confluence of the Saar and Moselle Rivers, known as the Saar-Moselle triangle.

Vith. Noting that he was moving British units against the tip of the bulge to assist the First Army to con- VICTORY IN T H E ARDENNES centrate, Montgomery indicated that the attack was to begin within a day or two of the New Year. As the old year neared an end and the two American armies prepared their offensives, this was the picture around the periphery of the German penetration: From a point north of Monschau marking the boundary between the First and Ninth Armies, the sector of the V Corps (Maj.

Much as when he had commanded the three Allied army groups—6th, 12th, the First Army, Bradley exercised much and 21—General Eisenhower exercised closer control over his army commanders direct command over the First Allied and employed his staff in intricate, Airborne Army (Lt. Gen. Lewis H. detailed planning. S. and British tactical air after the war liked to point out that he forces, and the Communications Zone had intimate foreknowledge of every (Lt. Gen. John C. H. Lee). 27 theater may be found in Roland G .

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