By Sean Russell

Epic excessive delusion this strong comes alongside just once shortly! status with the simplest of the sector, Sean Russell's Swans' struggle sequence has enchanted readers and critics alike with its interesting story of excellent and evil, romance and violence, magic and mystery.After years of sour enmity, the conflict for energy among the Renn? and the Wills households has reached a fever aspect. Fleeing a compelled marriage, younger Elise Wills has made a determined discount with a depressing river spirit to avoid wasting her personal lifestyles. it's left to the wanderer Alaan, including a band of courageous partners, to discover Elise -- whilst the darkish knight Hafydd hunts Alaan for the secrets and techniques he possesses. but when Alaan can't loose Elise, the full state should be ate up in a bloody struggle among unquiet ghosts.

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Baore nodded, his mow of blond hair bobbing as he did. Fynnol sat down across the small fire from his cousin. Fynnol dark and quick, a crow among men. “We heard about Elise Wills,” he said. ” “She lives,” Baore said, stirring a little. ” “At the ball she asked me to await her in our boat by the bridge. ” Fynnol looked up at the others, quick as a bird. ” Sean Russell g g 38 “The Westbrook was thick with fog. ” Cynddl asked. “She has taken herself off. ” The others threw themselves down by the fire, too shocked to be happy.

Far too knowing. He sat back on the grass, almost tumbling over. For a long moment he watched the water, listening to the revelers as they passed by. Then it was silent again. ” he whispered, but there was no answer. Elise was gone, beneath the surface like some river beast. Like a vision. He stood and began removing his clothes, letting them fall in a heap on the grass. He slipped down the shallow embankment, his feet finding the soft river bottom. In the cool evening air the water seemed warm.

A general shivering coursed through him then. “His leg was bound up and the dressing bloody and stained. He could barely move for the pain. ” He stopped again, convulsing horribly. The healer and a guard tried to restrain him so he didn’t do himself harm or flop onto the floor. Hafydd and Prince Michael’s father looked away. The healer glanced up, the thrashing man jerking him this way and that. “I don’t think you’ll learn any more from him this night,” the healer said. Hafydd fixed him with a dark stare, and Prince Michael saw the g THE ISLE OF BATTLE 41 g healer cringe, turning his attention back to his patient, the color draining from his face.

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