By Raymond O Faulkner

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5. ::a ; L2Li mispells it; BI2a has the plural 'spirits'; TIL (both texts) omits the invocation 'to the gods' and reads 'this young god, a god-like spirit'. 6. Varr. B3L : 'whom Osiris has made into his beloved son'; BI2ca: 'whom Osiris has made' and ends; B I 3C has confused S] and Gb; L2Li has => for ~. 7. B3 Bo and B4L if. corruptly : 'his child'. L2Li attaches sgtyfto the preceding clause. 8. TIL (both texts) and L2Li : 'to whom praise is given' ; B4L if. 'the sailor (of the boat of the sun) to whom praise is given'.

2. B3Bo and the following texts omit 'the gods'. 3. Presumably the great ones and the sceptred ones notice the terror on the faces of the noisy gods, but the text is a trifle ambiguous. 4. BIL omits the suffix after pJ; B3L omits pJ'sn entirely ; SlI C has PH mytt for pJ"Sn mH mytt, and the writings of SI2C are eccentric. 5. B3 Bo ff. have: 'N who is in the West': S6C stops here. 6. Four texts omit 'beautiful'. : B2Bo omits this clause. 7. S2C omits n J/; 'of a spirit', reading 'in his god-like shape'.

C. 105 may have had something similar. 9. Here B4C ends a longish lacuna with 'C ••• J for you the number of your limbs', clearly the remnant of a variant of 79m. 10. e. the awe and dread which Isis bestowed on Horus; T9C has: 'from the throne of Horus' . II. Following SIOC. e. the respect inspired by) his vindication is the fear of Osiris N [. . J. C. 105 is lost except for the first word 'fear'; T9C has: 'the fear of his vindication' and stops. l Hail to you, my lord! ) the night, I have givenNwt·k-nw to you, 3 I bring for you your heart into your body even as Horus brought the heart of his mother, 4 even as Isis brought the heart of her son Horus.

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