By Haiganoosh Whitaker, Harry A. Whitaker

Experiences in Neurolinguistics, quantity four covers researches on language phenomena. The publication discusses the evolution of human conversation platforms; the neural keep an eye on of eye activities in received and developmental studying issues; and the constitution in a guide communique method constructed and not using a traditional language version. The textual content additionally describes aphasic dissolution and language acquisition; VOT differences in babies; and disruption of written language in aphasia. The linguistic points of lexical retrieval disturbances within the posterior fluent aphasias; the neurologic correlates of anomia; and linguistic perseveration also are encompassed. Neuropsychologists and other people interested in the research of neurolinguistics will locate the publication helpful.

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Writing, signing, braille, o r pictures), only efficiency o f e n c o d i n g and d e c o d i n g . O n e can define communication in such a way as to make it a unique characteristic o f man, but o n e d o e s so only by grossly misrepresenting its richness and complexity. Finally, there has b e e n a tendency, at least among linguists, to regard language as a unitary p h e n o m e n o n that is acquired as a w h o l e in phylogeny or o n t o g e n y and is lost as a w h o l e in pathology. N o t h i n g could be further from the truth.

Such differences probably account for any variations in skills observed b e t w e e n chimps, orangs, and gorillas. Finally, evidence clearly shows that results will differ depending o n the environment in which the animal has been reared. For example, the Hayeses presented many o f their tasks both to their home-raised chimp, Viki, and to laboratory chimps at the nearby Y e r k e s Laboratories. In every instance, the latter chimps did worse. Let us begin with self-recognition. Gallup ( 1 9 7 0 ) has shown that chimpanzees clearly recognized themselves in a mirror, inspecting various parts o f their bodies and worrying o v e r dye marks placed o n their faces by the experimenter.

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