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Stata reference guide: unencumber 7: quantity four Su-Z

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028652 Then we use the svylc (command. 0 Mean Estimate (1) - 1963252 Std. Err. 000 [957. Conf. ) option, the syntax for referencing the subpopulation estimates is [varname] subpop Jabel For example, we use [idtamincjMale to refef to the subpopulation estimates. This is the same syntax that is used with the test command wh|n there are multiple equations; see [R] test for full details. Be sure to type the \ ariable names and subpcj>pulation labels exactly as they are displayed in the output. Remember that >tata is case-sensitive.

And svyprop produce estimates of finite-population means, toials. ratios, and proportions. Associated variance estimates, design effects (deff and deft), and misspecificulion effeois (mcff and meft) are also computed. Estimates for multiple subpopulations can be obtained using the by() option. The subpop() option will give estimates for a single subpopulation. To describe the strata and PSUs of your data and to handle the error message "stratum with only one PSl' detected , see [R] svydes. To estimate differences (and other linear combinations) of means, totals, and ratios, see [R] svylc.

000 [957. Conf. 942432 The single-equation syntax does not work when referring to the cutpoints: . svylc cutl - cut2 j cutl not found | r(lll); j When in doubt, always use the show option. It will jihow you exactly how the equations are labeled. (Continued on tiext page) 46 svylc — Estimate linear combinations after survey estimation , svylc, show Coef. Std. Err. 0003234 . 0288717 - . 566229 . 97 0 . 242785 . 42 0 . 5903107 . 1047407 t P>ltl [95% Conf . Interval] health cutl cut2 cut4 The output of svyologit and svyoprobit is actually quite deceptive.

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