By Anne Taylor, Tamara Gaskill, Hieram Weintraub

Sounds Great is a five-level phonics sequence specially constructed for younger EFL/ESL inexperienced persons. Sounds Great initiates the trail to English fluency with a scientific presentation of the alphabet, vowel mixtures, and consonant blends. The full-color illustrations and colossal collection of actions in each one unit of Sounds Great enable the newbies to strengthen their interpreting and writing talents. the thrill chants following every one unit will have interaction the novices' pursuits whereas facilitating vocabulary acquisition. The hybrid CDs offer valuable pronunciations of the objective letters and sounds in addition to activating computer-based studying talents.


  • Easy and enjoyable tales to check new sounds, letters, and phrases
  • Activities to construct listening, examining, and writing abilities
  • Fun rhyming chants following every one unit for added publicity
  • Review devices that come with enjoyable puzzles to solidify studying
  • Hybrid CDs that come with audio and computer-based parts

Series Components

  • Sounds nice 1 - Single-Letter Sounds
  • Sounds nice 2 - brief Vowel Sounds
  • Sounds nice 3 - lengthy Vowel Sounds
  • Sounds nice 4 - Double-Letter Consonant Sounds
  • Sounds nice 5 - Double-Letter Vowel Sounds

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Sample text

Track 8 Swan has a sweet snack on the hot stove. Swan has a sweet snack on the hot stove. Stop! Stop! smell smoke! Stop! Stop! t’s not a joke! Swan has a black snack on the hot stove! Swan has a black snack on the hot stove! Stop! Stop! smell smoke! Stop! Stop! t’s not a joke! 48 Do ble-Letter Consonant So nds sm- sn- st- sw- 5 Look t he pic ure. Check he correc sen ence. 1 The snacks smell bad.  The snacks smell good. 2 3 The flame is in the stove. The flame makes a lot of smoke.  The girls play with a sled in the snow.

1 2 d i v e 4 d u c k Lis en nd circ e he sound h 2 pr- tr- 4 32 gr- be ins he word. Track 30 3 dr- tr- 5 pr- c r a b g r a b t r u c k 1 g l a s s g r a s s d r i v e 3 Track 29 gr- dr- tr- dr- 6 pr- tr- Do ble-Letter Consonant So nds dr- gr- pr- tr- Lis en nd circ e he pic ure you he r. 1 2 3 4 5 6 4 Track 31 Circ e nd wri e he correc word. 1 tr ck trace 2 ress trace 3 grass grape ra e press prize 4 drive dr m rum 33 Wri e he words in he correc boxes. gr- dr- d r u m pr- tr- p r e s s t r u c k p r t r a c e i z e Re d nd m ch.

35 Le ’s ch n ! Lis en, poin , nd repe . ” What’s the price? What’s the price? Three dollars? Oh, that’s nice! ” 36 Do ble-Letter Consonant So nds dr- gr- pr- tr- 4 Circ e he correc word nd wri e he sen ence. 1 2 3 4 5 The dragon likes to (trace / drive) with friends. The dragon likes to trace with friends. The girl looks at the (press / price) on the dress. The girl looks at the price on the dress. The man grabs a (banana / grape) and an apple. The man grabs a grape and an apple. The kids play in the (tr mpet / grass).

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