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Чтобы правильно выбрать конструкцию лестницы для той или иной ситуации, необходимо произвести замеры свободного пространства, которое можно использовать под лестницу, сделать небольшие расчеты и нарисовать чертеж. На чертеже должно быть видно, как располагается лестница, не мешают ли ее элементы и насколько она будет удобной. Данная книга об особенностях постройки деревянных лестниц для дома или дачи. Здесь рассмотрены все этапы строительства, начиная с разметки и заканчивая декоративной отделкой.

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23) and draw round using a sharp 2H pencil (I tend to use a pen for better visibility when demonstrating to students). 26 The steps are numbered and the nosing positions indicated. 26). Lastly, the tenons that will join the strings and the newel posts should be marked. 27 shows that the face of riser number 1 will sit centrally on the 100 mm newel posts. 28). 25 The roofing square is turned over to mark the opposite string. 14) to rout the 12 mm deep housings. 29 Clamp the shop-made router jig accurately in position, then screw through the face of the jig into a softwood fence below.

Tread and riser length is equal to the overall width of the staircase (715 mm), minus the total thickness of both strings (64 mm), plus the total depth of housings on each side (24 mm): Using a cradle, and pre-assembling the steps is something I rarely, if ever, do. In industry, where speed is essential, it is considered unnecessary since the steps can be assembled later, along with the staircase as a whole. Those in favour of using a cradle argue that pre-assembled steps help keep the staircase square during assembly.

68). 15). The remaining nine risers (numbers 2–10) will each require two wedges, as will each of the ten treads, making a total of 38 wedges needed. 66 Wooden dowel can be made in the workshop if necessary. 69 With a single step inserted into a string housing, the required length of wedges can be measured. 67 Plane the sharp corners off and hammer the short timber pieces through the hole in the metal plate. 70 Use a wedge jig to cut a trial pair of wedges. 68 A reasonable dowel is produced. 73 Glue blocks should be not less than 75 mm long with a sectional size of at least 38 mm × 38 mm.

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