By Mark Acres; Gary Gygax; Don Dixon; James Clouse; Todd Cameron Hamilton; All authors

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The Skinnies fire using Chart D. Julian's squad fires using Chart D. The fight lasts until all combatants on one side are killed. I. in addition to Julian, go to section 51. I. survivor, go to section 43. If the squad is wiped out, go to section 52. Sections 40, 41 Section 41 — 40 — The next seconds were a nightmare for Julian. Laser fire everywhere; explosions from the bombs in the men's Y-racks; smoke, dust, debris, screams. Julian rolled in the dirt, dodged a pulse laser blast, and turned in time to see Woczinski land beside him and take cover.

The Skinny patrol had showed up just as the last of Julian's original Skinny foes went down. Now, Julian thought, it's time to show what I'm made of. All dead except me. , and cap troopers don't die easily! Julian leapt to his feet and bounced high in the air, firing again: first the rocket, then the hand flamer. The Skinnies were all around him. Julian felt fire—pure, cleansing, grief-burning fire—spread through his body, and his world turned black. Go to section 29. —44 — Miller's voice broke the long silence.

Continue the fight until one side or the other is completely eliminated. If Julian's squad wins the fight, but Julian is the sole survivor, go to section 43. I. other than Julian is alive, go to section 34. If Julian's squad is wiped out, go to section 29. " "Good, Woczinski. " "Not more than fifteen yards. " "Okay, when I give the word, lay down covering fire and then move out fast. Use rockets, one at each pillbox, before the rush. Julian checked his own rocket launcher and hand flamer, then readied some fire pills.

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