By Theun Mares, Russell Braithwaite

Freedom isn't a obscure mystical notion. real freedom should be fought for and attained. In Shadows of Wolf fireplace Theun lifts the veils of fable as he is taking us again to the roots of freedom buried inside over again, one other position.

Having long past again to the very starting, Theun is going directly to exhibit what freedom capacity for the warrior this present day, and the way, in useful phrases, we will be able to set approximately reaching it in our lives.

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Should it then be all that surprising that true recapitulation can be so difficult? " The answer is an emphatic, "No! " To understand this, realise that by asking the question in this way, the apprentice concerned still finds it extremely difficult to grasp that if we are to break free from selective perception, we cannot afford to be prejudiced in any way whatsoever, either for, or against. This means that we must be willing to consider seriously that maybe everything we think we know and believe could be false, or perhaps distorted in some way.

It then becomes clear to the seer that he himself is nagal, for otherwise he would not be able to comprehend the vision being transmitted to him and, furthermore, that it is his ability to see that enables this transmission to take place. He also understands that nagals and nagal women can become effective only once RULE OF THE FOUR; First Contact With the Void 41 they have had sufficient training in the purpose of life to grasp that purpose, and thus how vital it is for the nagal specifically also to be able to see that purpose.

Only in this way can he stand firm in his vision, invincible, incorruptible, and courageous. Having lost the ability to feel the inner touch of the tonal, human 46 SHADOWS OF WOLF FIRE temptation no longer holds for the nagal-seer any glamour. All that is left for him now is the intense inner drive to become evermore inclusive, for any attempt at reaching out for personal gain is to experience again the blinding pain of having been severed. In that moment of cold sobriety, the nagal-seer grasps that his destiny demands from him that he leads those entrusted to his care into the totality of themselves, for only in this way can they achieve their freedom.

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