By N. B. Brandt, S. M. Chudinov, Y. G. Ponomarev

``Semimetals'' offers, for the 1st time within the literature, a constant and unifying therapy of semimetals (As, Bi, Sb, Bi-Sb alloys, graphite and its compounds). It describes their structural positive factors and their electrical, magnetic, galvanomagnetic, thermoelectric, optical, magneto-optical, acoustic, thermal, and mechanical homes at the foundation of recent options of the electron and phonon strength spectra. The publication discusses intimately the nature of the adjustments within the power spectrum and houses of semimetals because of temperature adaptations, software of a magnetic box, strain, anisotropic pressure, doping by way of donor, acceptor and impartial impurities, which point out how the above homes will be altered and the way fabrics with preassigned parameters should be produced. moreover, it discusses particular phenomena linked to low dimensionality and the very low service density, corresponding to quantum oscillations and magnetoplasma behaviour

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The first Brillouin zone for a hexagonal lattice of three-dimensional graphite is shown in fig. 9. It represents a regular hexahedron. The characteristic points of high symmetry are its centre, Γ; the corners H and H'; the centres of the top and bottom faces, A; the centres of the side faces, M; the centres of the side edges, K and K'\ the centres of the edges of the top and bottom faces. Using the methods of perturbation theory, Slonzewski and Weiss (1958) and McClure (1957) calculated the band structure of three-dimensional graphite.

Attention is called to the fact that the position of electron extrema at the Kpoints agrees with the model of "nearly free electrons" and with the construction of the Fermi surfaces for graphite by the method proposed by Harrison (1966). An analysis of eq. (35) reveals that the transformation of a gapless semiconductor, such as two-dimensional graphite, into a semimetal is mostly due to the parameters y2 and Λ. Taking account of zi eliminates the degeneracy that took place in the corners of the two-dimensional Brillouin zone.

1977, Holzwarth and Rabii 1977, Holzwarth et al. 1978a, Ohno et al. 1979). 43. The four-parameter model of the electron energy spectrum of three-dimensional graphite The surface of constant energy described by eq. (35) of the SWMC-model does not possess the cylindrical symmetry around the vertical HKH edge of the Brillouin zone. The /cz-axis for such surfaces is a three-fold symmetry axis, which is suggested by the term with a factor of cos 3a in eq. (35). When the cross-sections of surfaces of constant energy formed by the plane normal to the /cz-axis are not circular, this is called trigonal warping.

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