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The opposite engineering topics supply uncomplicated details on civil, mechanical, electric and instrumentation. during this name, simple info on chemical requirement for explosive surroundings as in keeping with IS and IEC/EN criteria got in addition to a bankruptcy on thesaurus of phrases in chemistry and others.

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999868 Source : Borsig pocket book 3rd edn. 1970. 2 (1) at saturation pressure see page 45. 001 746 572 From VDI Steam Tables, 6th Edn. P. 270 Treated (flame retardant) Cotton Note : 1. Higher OI index means a less flammable material. 201. 2. There are 3 types textile flame retardants viz. syn. Polymer, antimony flame retardants and halogenated flame retardents. 8 Source : Borsig pocket book 3rd edn. 1970. DATA TABLES AND GRAPHS 49 Table 60 : Thermal expansion, co-eff. 5 × 10–6 m/m °C. What is L at 600 °C?

N-Pentane ........... Benzene ............. Hexane ............... Air Hydrogen ...... Sulphide .............. e. 987 M ρn standard density = M  kg  Vn  nm3  Adiabatic exponent x = Cp/Cv Molar volume Vn in stnadard state nm3/kg mol. Standard state is at 0°C and 760 Torr For liquids the data refer to the vaporised state, Source : Borsig pocket book 3rd edn. Table 38 : Density and Concentration of Aqueous Hydrochloric Acid soln. 050 Concentration Wt. 52 Density at 20°C Concentration Wt. 14 Table 39 : Density and Concentration of Aqueous Nitric Acid soln.

DATA TABLES AND GRAPHS 41 Table 48 : Physical properties of ethylene Formula Mol. wt. P. P. 5 Kj/Kg. 183 Kj/Kg. 488 Kj/Kg. Table 48A : Adhesives 1. Classified as natural and synthetic adhesives. 2. Natural adhesives are resinous secretions of certain trees viz. guar gum, suitable for light bonding press. 3. Synthetic adhesives are made from several polymerisable resins viz. epoxy, vinyl, acetate, urethene and acrylic structural resins. 4. Adhesives function in two ways. Firstly, initially in liquid state, have to wet the adehereants and the adhesive in second stage to form the bondline which must be solid high molecular wt.

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