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Unearth Occult Secrets

The global of Golarion is filled with historical mysteries, hidden lore, and untapped psychic powers simply ready to be came upon. Pathfinder crusade atmosphere: Occult geographical regions bargains every thing you must discover occult subject matters on your video games, together with new ideas, specified destinations, and preternatural inspirations to deliver occult campaigns of any point to existence. inside of this booklet, you will find:

• principles concepts for every of the six occult sessions awarded in Pathfinder RPG Occult Adventures, together with mythical spirits that expert mediums can channel, Thassilonian phantoms tied to the seven sins for depraved spiritualists, and psi-tech discoveries and the mindtech self-discipline for specialised psychics.
• Six destinations ripe for exploration in occult campaigns, together with a temple the place astronomers from misplaced Lirgen nonetheless secretly toil, a college of psychic magic at the utopian island of Hermea, and the country of Zi Ha in Tian Xia, the place the samsaran citizens reside numerous lives via reincarnation.
• part a dozen areas of occult import past Golarion, together with the castle of the Black on Aucturn, the sea of Mists on Castrovel, and the Temple of Desna's First Dream within the measurement of Dreams.
• 9 occult rituals tied to such iconic enterprises because the fake priesthood of Razmir and the purple Mantis assassins, permitting characters to accomplish lichdom or briefly rework right into a half-fiend.
• ideas for growing mystical idols that develop in strength as their cult followings extend, plus mysterious pattern idols.

Pathfinder crusade surroundings: Occult nation-states is an ideal spouse for Pathfinder RPG Occult Adventures, and is meant to be used with the Pathfinder Roleplaying online game and Pathfinder crusade surroundings, yet can simply be utilized in any fable online game surroundings.

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Master Archivist Satrajra is very particular about who gets in to conduct research, and enforces numerous rules barring the use of open flame, liquids, genies, and other dangers to the stacks. Typically, a member of the Maurya-Rahm in need of information must submit a request, and then receives copies of relevant materials within a few hours. On rare and very special occasions, trusted Nestled atop the gently rolling hills of Grand Sarret, visitors to the court of Thakur Kharswan in the Conservatory serves as both a beacon and a great need have been allowed to request sensitive warning to all who see it: behold the wonders of the knowledge from within the Archives.

When the heroes arrive, they discover the lost Ghol-Gan complex and witness the Followers of the Sunken Sign tapping into the power of the ley lines to enhance their dark rituals and transform the tower into a beacon, calling out to their infinite lord and coaxing him to embrace Golarion—an act that will almost certainly result in the world’s destruction. Raving Prophet: On the streets of Sothis, a crazed seer wanders about, babbling almost incoherently about the coming of the darkness and the one who must not be named.

In fealty to the Living God, Melcat suspected Bleachbone Cave: Few even know that Razmir was not what he claimed, and that this cave exists, because an that his divine displays were nothing more enormous, bone-shaped white rock than parlor tricks designed to fool the easily conceals the massive complex’s swayed. So confident was Melcat that he only entrance. The cave’s isolation warned the citizens of Aerduin not to do makes it a natural haven for those anything that gave the charlatan any looking to escape the Razmiri more confidence.

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