By S. Miyake (Auth.)

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, Pages xv-xvi
Local Organizing Committee

, Page xvii
Smart processing improvement of novel fabrics for electromagnetic wave control

, Pages 3-9
A evaluate of cluster ion beam method technology

, Pages 11-18
Structural keep an eye on of nanocarbon fabrics via novel plasma processing

, Pages 21-27
Amorphous carbon movie deposition by way of magnetically-driven shunting ARC discharge

, Pages 29-34
RF sheet-plasma resource utilizing everlasting magnets

, Pages 35-38
Deposition uniformity of pulsed vacuum arc ion source

, Pages 39-43
Thermal houses of gravity-free gas-arc discharge measured in a jet aircraft and its software to nano-tube production

, Pages 45-48
New procedure for measuring ion strength in pulsed vacuum arc

, Pages 49-53
Relationship among H/D creation and plasma parameter regulate with magnetic clear out in quantity unfavourable ion sources

, Pages 55-58
Novel technique to elevate power density of arc plasma jet

, Pages 59-62
Material coating utilizing electromagnetically sped up plasma jet

, Pages 63-66
Process regulate of carbon nanotube formation utilizing RF glow-discharge plasma in powerful magnetic field

, Pages 67-70
Development of ARC discharge strategy, in natural solvents for the formation of DNA encapsulated carbon nanotubes

, Pages 71-74
Effects of spruttering as a result of ion irradiation on plasma anisotropic CVD of Cu

, Pages 75-78
2Evaluation of contribution of higher-order silane radicals in silane discharges to Si-Hbond formation in a-Si:H films

, Pages 79-82
Nanometer-ranged steel coatings by means of noble pulsed cathodic arc deposition

, Pages 83-86
Preparation of not easy carbon movies through MCECR plasma sputtering method

, Pages 87-90
Micro- and millimeter-wave processing of complicated fabrics at Karlsruhe study Center

, Pages 93-98
Simultaneous use of alternative excessive frequency strength resources for cloth processing

, Pages 99-104
High strength submillimeter wave radiation sources-gyrotron FU series

, Pages 105-109
What kind of delivery phenomena may be caused via microwave box in solids and the way those phenomena give a contribution to fabrics processing

, Pages 111-117
Powerful electron beams for cyclotron resonance devices

, Pages 119-124
Quasi-stationary electro-thermal heating version for microwave/hybrid-processed fabrics utilizing vegetables functionality techniques

, Pages 125-128
Aerospace CFRP constitution fabrication with the 2.45 GHz hephaistos system

, Pages 129-133
Optimization of slotted waveguides for 2.45 GHz applicatiors utilizing novel slot types

, Pages 135-138
The function of excessive strain plasma in microwave sintering processes

, Pages 139-142
Heating habit of slags in 2.45GHz microwave applicator

, Pages 143-146
Rapid heating by means of single-mode hollow space managed at 6GHz

, Pages 147-150
Millimeter-wave dielectric size of SiC powders as a foundation of millimeter-wave sintering of ceramics

, Pages 151-154
Boron carbide ceramics sintering by utilizing 24 GHz compact gyrotron

, Pages 155-158
Instrumented millimeter wave sintering of robotically alloyed amorphous ceramic powdears for bulk nanocrystalline synthesis

, Pages 159-162
Millimeter-wave impact on sintering of silicon nitrides by way of 28GHz millimeter-wave radiation

, Pages 163-168
Mechanical evaluate for silicon nitride sintered by way of 28GHz millimeter-wave heating

, Pages 169-172
Intergranular microstructure of Yb2O3-added AIN sintered by means of millimeter-wave heating

, Pages 173-176
All stable nation excessive energy lasers for fabrics processing

, Pages 179-184
Effect of floor orientation on attribute weld microstructure evolution of Ni-base superalloy unmarried crystal

, Pages 185-188
Modification of hydroxyapatite crystallization utilizing CO2 laser

, Pages 189-191
Synthesis of Ti-Fe-O skinny movies ready by means of pulsed laser deposition

, Pages 193-196
Oxidation habit of TiN and Ti-Ni-N-O skinny movies ready through pulsed laser deposition

, Pages 197-201
Oxidation homes of Cr(N,O) skinny motion pictures synthesized by means of pulsed laser deposition

, Pages 203-207
Laser ablation processing of strong surfaces immersed in water

, Pages 209-212
Penetration welding of plastics utilizing a tunable CO2 laser with a clear warmth sink

, Pages 213-216
Exprimental examine of cluster measurement influence with size-selected cluster ion beam

, Pages 219-222
Development of the massive present cluster ion beam technology

, Pages 223-226
Gas cluster ion beam resource for secondary ion emission measurements

, Pages 227-230
Surface constitution dependence of effect procedures of fuel cluster ions

, Pages 231-234
High caliber skinny movie formation with gasoline cluster ion beam assisted deposition system

, Pages 235-239
Morphology dependence of floor smoothing of Ar fuel cluster ion beams

, Pages 241-244
Comparison of irradiation results among cluster and monomer for DLC movie deposition

, Pages 245-248
CO2 laser annealing of Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 aerosol-deposition movie on stainless-steel-sheet

, Pages 249-252
Infrared thermography: An introductive thermal background learn in aerosol deposition

, Pages 253-256
Surface amendment of nanoparticles by way of mechanical milling with glow discharge

, Pages 257-260
Synthesis of good ferrite debris from powder combos through the use of well-controlled thermal plasmas

, Pages 261-264
Electrical box enhancement of compaction and super-plastic deformation of ceramics

, Pages 267-273
Mechanical houses of binderless WC produced through SPS process

, Pages 275-279
Homogeneity of porous metals ready via pulsed electrical present pressure-sintering

, Pages 281-284
Preparation of composite dielectric ceramics via spark plasma sintering method

, Pages 285-288
Sintering habit of steel and ceramic powders in the course of pulsed electric-current sintering process

, Pages 289-292
Spark plasma sintering of Cu-TiB2 nanocomposite

, Pages 293-296
Production of Nd-Fe-B magnets by way of spark plasma sintering

, Pages 297-300
Pulse present strain sintering of Al/Al2O3 useful graded material

, Pages 301-304
Discharge phenomena and impression of pulse situation in pulsed present sintering

, Pages 305-308
Microstructure and thermoelectric homes of ZnO ceramics ready via the polymerized complicated and SPS methods

, Pages 309-312
Pulsed electric-current press bonding of aluminum alloy to stainless steel

, Pages 313-316
Synthesis of NaxCo2O4 thermoelectric oxide by means of the polymerized complicated process and sps methods

, Pages 317-320
Mechanical houses of SiC/Ti-15V-3Cr-3Sn-3Al composites via spark plasma sintering

, Pages 321-324
Dielectric houses of Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 ceramics ready through pulsed electrical present sintering

, Pages 325-328
In-situ observationn of alloy part formation in remoted nanometer-sized particles

, Pages 331-337
Progress and alertness of nano-surface engineering in China

, Pages 339-343
Nanocomposite coatings with superior hardness

, Pages 345-356
High-strength SiC matrix construction with polymeric techniques

, Pages 357-360
SiC nanowires with in-situ carbon coating by means of CVG process

, Pages 361-364
Hydrogen soaking up motion pictures ready by way of ion beam assisted deposition

, Pages 365-368
Fabrication and fracture sturdiness of SiC nanowires/tyranno-Sa/SiC composite

, Pages 369-372
Low-temperature synthesis of superhard Ti-Si-N nanocomposite films

, Pages 373-376
Preparation of Fe2VAl compound utilizing MA-PCS approach and the thermoelectric property

, Pages 377-380
Oxidation resistance of sintered chromium nitride composite

, Pages 381-384
Finite point research of SiC/SiC composite joints through the use of a brand new interface potential

, Pages 385-388
Finite point research of floor texture of substrate on neighborhood harm of difficult coating less than sliding contact

, Pages 389-392
Recent learn on knocking down habit of thermal sprayed particle onto flat substrate surface

, Pages 395-400
Formation and actual homes of Cr base alloy by way of sputtering

, Pages 401-405
The improvement of nano-photocatalytic TiO2 coatings by means of thermal spraying

, Pages 407-410
Nitride strengthened tial shaped by way of reactive low strain plasma spraying

, Pages 411-414
Influence of floor roughness on room temperature adhesional bonding

, Pages 415-418
Microstructure keep watch over for becoming a member of complex stainless steel

, Pages 419-422
Auger research of (Al, Ti)N/Si interface synthesized through ion beam assisted deposition and optimization of movie formation factors

, Pages 423-426
Research of TiN coatings by way of gasoline tunnel kind plasma reactive spraying

, Pages 427-432
Simultaneous chromizing-siliconizing diffusion coating on austenitic stainless steel

, Pages 433-436
Ternary nitride movies synthesized by means of cathodic arc method

, Pages 437-440
The atomic constitution of amorphous carbon films

, Pages 441-445
Rapidly solidified titanium aluminide-based composite deposits with dispersed nitride debris produced by means of reactive plasma spraying

, Pages 447-450
Effect of ultrasonic wave at the morphorogy of fracture floor of alumina/copper brazing

, Pages 451-453
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, Pages 455-458

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CONCLUSION Thermal properties of the gas-arc are measured by use of a jet plane and the clear expansion of the hot gas region is observed under the gravity-free condition, where the lower temperature gradient and the slower expansion of carbon particles are expected. These results are supported by the fluid simulation. Morphologies of SWNTs produced for the two cases are compared. Fig. 5. Number of SWNTs distribution in a flux for the two gravity conditions. It is conf'wmed that fatter SWNTs and fatter bundles of SWNTs are more densely produced under the gravity-flee condition.

Phys. Lett. 67, 694-696. Yukimura, K. (1998). Shunting arc generation of a heated wire in a low pressure gas; fundamental research of pulsed ion source. Trans. lEE Jpn. Part A, 188, 954-958, in Japanese. Yukimura, K. Isano, R. Motoguchi, T. Yoshioka and K. Masamune, S. (1999). Shunting arc plasma generation and ion extraction. J. Vac. Sci. Technol. B 17, 871-37. Yukimura, K. Yoshioka and K. Tani Y. (2000). Carbon shunting arc and its induced plasma. Rev. Sci. Instrum. 71, 1184-1186. Yukimura, K.

Boxman (1997). , 4, 665-669. arc deposition system. IEEE depositing the film with better uniformity was found. 43 Novel Materials Processing (MAPEES'04) S. ) 9 2005 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved THERMAL PROPERTIES OF GRAVITY-FREE GAS-ARC DISCHARGE MEASURED IN A JET PLANE AND ITS APPLICATION TO NANO-TUBE PRODUCTION Tetsu Mieno, Takuma Mizutani and Masaki Takeguchi* Department of Physics, Shizuoka University, 836 Ooya, Shizuoka-shL 422-8529 Japan *National Institute for Material Science (NIMS), 3-13 Sakura, Tsukuba 305-0003, Japan Abstract: Thermal properties of gravity-free gas-arc discharge are investigated by using a jet plane and it is found that point-symmetric hot gas region expands slowly under the gravity-free condition.

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