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Some studies on biological causes for the pyromania have caused some to theorize that a metabolic or neuro-transmitted abnormality may cause the desire to set fires. Currently, this has not been proven. The results of one study of fire setters as explained in the article “Pathological Fire-setting 1951-1991: A Review” by W. Barnett and M. Spitzer appearing in the 1994 Medical Science Law Journal suggested personality disorders. The subjects studied could not deal with stressful situations, disappointment, or insult.

Qxd 9/5/02 10:16 AM Page 10 Multiple Fire Setters 10 Please note that in the text I refrain from using the term arson too often. The definition of this word will vary among state and federal jurisdictions. Due to this variation, I will continue to avoid the word whenever possible. Instead, I will use the terms set or ignited fires and will define them to mean the following: any intentional fire act with the purpose of doing bodily harm to others or with the intended purpose of destroying and/or damaging objects and/or property.

Thus the use of this term by the local fire service may vary from that of the police department. m. may not be viewed as suspicious by the police department, but at the same time may be viewed suspicious by the fire department. qxd 9/5/02 10:48 AM Page 38 Multiple Fire Setters 38 infringe on any individual rights. Furthermore, most agencies now keep documentation for annual reports and job security. Public safety agencies need to show what citizens get for the tax money being spent and why these agencies require more in the future.

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