By R. Blinc (auth.), E. Kundla, E. Lippmaa, T. Saluvere (eds.)

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Lett. 50, 368 (1977). A. Maudsley, L. R. Mag~Resonance 28, 463 (1977). G. Bodenhausen and R. Resonance 28, 471 (1977). Basus Stanford Magnetic Resonance Laboratory, Stanford University, Stanford, California 94305, USA Abstract 2DFT NMR spectroscopy is useful in the analysis of spectra of very small proteins and the mobile segments of larger proteins. Introduction 2D spectroscopy, a new concept proposed by Jeener /1/ and developed principally by Ernst /2,3/ and Freeman /4/, has already been demonstrated to yield a variety of techniques useful in facilitating the analysis of high resolution NMR spectra.

J. He~zfeZd, R. Os~edka~. J. Wittebo~t and R,G. G~iffin 550 Determination of Orientational Order in Bilaver Systems Usinq t1oments of Deuterium Magnetic Resonance Spectra M. H. W. DahZquist 551 Study of Micelle Formation of Surfactants by Spin Probe Method N. KaZibabchuck, A. BoZdeschooZ and V. E. Zaev. M. B •. Yasman 553 Defect Diffusion Models for NMR Relaxation with Application to Alkane Phases R. Kimmich and G. Voigt 554 1H-NMR Study of Structural Changes in Membranes of M. F. A. N. T. K. G.

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