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Nets: These weapons do not inflict damage, but automatically stun (no percentage roll) one or more opponents depending on the size of the net. Small Net: Captures one caveman Medium Net: Captures targeted caveman and one other in any adjoining hex you choose. Large Net: Captures targeted caveman and two others in any adjoining hex you choose. Once a stunned opponent gets out of the net, it becomes useless. Nets that miss their target can be used again. This item can be dodged. Rocks: They are all over the place, at least the small ones are.

This weapon can be retrieved after it is thrown, but does not come back to you. Boomerang: This aerial weapon can be thrown a great distance to hit its target, and will then return back to the thrower. It cannot be used as a nonmissile weapon. Bow & Arrow: For the sake of argument, let us assume that once this item is purchased, we do not have to keep track of arrows - just keep firin' it. Item takes two hands to use. Club: This thick-wooded weapon causes little damage, but it is a cheap, basic item.

Stun Percentage: [Strength x 5] This is your percent chance to stun an opponent when using a weapon that has the ability to stun. EQUIPPING YOUR TRIBE Each tribe begins the game with 200 Equip Points. These points are used to outfit your tribe. Before you can outfit your tribe though, you must purchase tribesmen. Each caveman costs 5 Equip Points. Each caveman can only carry two weapons (one in each hand), and have only one piece of armor. If a shield is used, then the caveman can only carry one weapon.

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