By Tim Waggoner

Enjoy the damage as award-winning horror author Tim Waggoner brings the eldritch terror of Eberron® to life.

Lirra Brochann is second-in-command to a strength undertaking mystery army experiments at the creations of Xoriat, the world of insanity. whilst the govt threatens to withdraw aid for the experiments, the alchemist accountable, Lirra’s personal uncle, makes a drastic errors and a portal to Xoriat is opened. In attempting to cease the consequent insanity, Lirra turns into bonded to 1 of the experiments, a symbiotic tentacle whip with a will of its personal. Maddened through his connections to Xoriat, her uncle and his unexpected forces of symbiotically certain infantrymen threaten all Lirra as soon as stood for. yet preventing them potential she’ll need to achieve regulate of the tentacle whip.

A mixture of delusion, horror, and army fiction Lady destroy brings an entire new view to the post-war global of Eberron. With a Lovecraftian bent, this event will ship chills up your backbone.

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Lirra understood how Osten felt. After all, it was the same vision that had motivated her to join the Outguard in the first place. “Very well. I’ll discuss the matter with the general—if he allows the experiment to go forward. ” Osten gave her a smile—a real one, this time. ” He then turned back to face the fire once more. Lirra sat with him in silence for a few more moments before taking her leave. Osten needed to rest … especially if he was going to attempt to bond with a symbiont again the next day.

The whip would make a wonderful weapon—provided they could find the right person to wield it. “I have to go,” Elidyr said. ” “I take it I’m not invited,” Sinnoch said. He reached up with clawed hands and lowered his hood to reveal a pale inhuman face with empty eye sockets. His skin was covered in a layer of writhing cilia, and a mane of longer tendrils surrounded his head. “Too bad. ” He grinned, displaying a mouthful of discolored fangs. “Go. ” Elidyr scowled at the dolgaunt, and handed his gore-smeared leather apron to Sinnoch.

Vaddon scowled, but otherwise didn’t respond. Every time Lirra saw her father and uncle together, she was struck by the stark differences in their appearance. They were clearly brothers—same thick hair, blue eyes, and sturdy chin, and their voices sounded so similar that if you closed your eyes, you might have trouble telling which one spoke at any given moment. But Elidyr’s body was scarecrow slender, in contrast to Vaddon’s more muscular frame, and while Vaddon’s mien was normally serious to the point of being dour, Elidyr smiled often.

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