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Despite their lack of citizenship, however, we should not view the members of the auxilia as second-rate troops. As well as being used as the primary frontier garrisons, they were also placed first in the front line on the battlefields. 47) once remarked of a cohors Sugambrorum under Claudius, that it was still 'Germanic' although fighting far from home in Thrace. Additional information comes from Tacitus' account of the civil war. 89). Auxiliary units were recruited from warlike peoples within or on the periphery of Roman control, notably Gallia Belgica and Lugdunensis, Germania Inferior, and Pannonia.

It gained the title invicta, invincible, and the honour of a Inrque twice, hence bis torquata, and a block grant of citizenship as a reward for meritorious conduct on the field of battle to all of its serving men, hence civium Romanorum. Henceforth the unit itself employed the designation c(ivium) R(omanorum), but all future recruits remained non-citizens until their honourable discharge as the citizenship went only to those serving at the moment of the reward. The first torque was gained possibly during the Flavian period and the second during the reign of Trajan or that of Hadrian, on both occasions in Britannia.

14), the highest throw was the 'Venus' (1, 3, 4, 6), the lowest the 'Dogs' (four aces). 2). Whether with four or six marked faces, dice were shaken in a cup and then tossed, as is clearly demonstrated in a fresco from an inn at Pompeii (Naples Museum, inv. 111482). In a military context, examples made of bone or antler have been found at many sites including Richborough, Great Chesterford, Wroxeter, Newstead and Wallsend, and the dice are not always true as show by the 'loaded' dice from Housesteads.

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