By Frank C Jones

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The size of the group accompanying me to Pine Bush began to grow. We found ourselves quite literally running through fields, chasing the ships. We learned the hard way that most fields have flat tractor roads and it wasn't necessary to climb through seven-foot-high cornstalks and rip our clothes on barbed wire. Many of the fields were inaccessible; they were too overgrown or too swampy or had six-foot barbed wire fences that were impossible to penetrate. We wore ourselves down trying everything to get to the ships, and I suppose that for a time we looked more like a comedy team than serious investigators.

By early November, we were worried. There seemed to be no ships anywhere. Once in a while we would see something above the trees, but these occasions were hardly worth talking about. Sam, who hadn't been along with Harry and me in several weeks, came up to Pine Push. We stood in a field and looked at the empty sky. Only an occasional airplane was flying. The stars were beautiful, but no ships were around. I looked at my companions and said, "You see what the normal nighttime sky should look like.

It was so close to the ground that I could see it was lower than a nearby telephone pole. Sam was closest to the craft. " The craft angled itself eastward so we could see an entire side as it slowly moved around the perimeter of the cemetery. There, as Sam had said, were three large, square windows about five feet by five feet in size. We could see into the craft to the top of the inside wall. It was lit with the same soft yellowish color as any electrically lit room used by humans would be. I was disappointed to notice that we couldn't see any computer-like equipment such as I had seen in California.

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