By Arnold Milton, Walt Berkovski

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JP 1-02) Security cooperation planning. The subset of joint strategic planning conducted to support the Defense Department‘s security cooperation program. This planning supports a combatant commander‘s theater strategy. See also security cooperation. (JP 5-0) Security force assistance. Activities that directly support the development of the capacity and capability of foreign security forces and their sustaining institutions. Also called SFA. (Draft DoD Instruction) Security forces. Duly constituted military, paramilitary, police, and constabulary forces of a state.

A capable and professional local security force is vital to securing the population and achieving political legitimacy. Thus, in many cases the joint force will be required to assist in building host nation security force capability and capacity. Building partner capability will allow the joint force to limit the scope of its efforts and thus allow the joint force to maintain persistent engagement. Building partner security force capacity is one means of enhancing preventive security and a primary focus of effort for the joint force during steadystate operations.

The problem itself will continuously evolve, as will the joint force‘s understanding of it. Since any actions will alter the operational environment and the problem, the joint force must also factor the effects into the assessment. 62 The joint force commander or interagency task 24 Arnold Milton and Walt Berkovski force leader and his staff initially frame the problem after an in-depth study of it, then proceed to formulate his design and operational approach. This approach is dynamic in that it recognizes that the original framing is a starting hypothesis and basis for learning as operations proceed.

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