By Christian Heup (auth.), Harout Aydinian, Ferdinando Cicalese, Christian Deppe (eds.)

This quantity is devoted to the reminiscence of Rudolf Ahlswede, who gave up the ghost in December 2010. The Festschrift includes 36 completely refereed study papers from a memorial symposium, which happened in July 2011.

The 4 macro-topics of this workshop: idea of video games and strategic making plans; combinatorial crew trying out and database mining; computational biology and string matching; details coding and spreading and patrolling on networks; supply a complete photo of the imaginative and prescient Rudolf Ahlswede recommend of a large and systematic conception of search.

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Ilya Dumer 752 49 Two Anecdotes of Rudolf Ahlswede . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ulrich Tamm 754 Bibliography of Rudolf Ahlswede’s Publications . . . . . . . . . . . 756 Author Index . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . com Dedicated to the memory of Rudolf Ahlswede Abstract. We provide two new results for identification for sources. The first result is about block codes. In [Ahlswede and Cai, IEEE-IT, 52(9), 4198-4207, 2006] it is proven that the q-ary identification entropy HI,q (P ) is a lower bound for the average number L(P, P ) of expected checkings during the identification process.

M 18 C. 3 The Asymptotic Theorem for Uniform Distributions With the above estimates we are now ready to prove the asymptotic theorem for uniform distributions. If we consider the uniform distribution and use a balanced Huffman code for the encoding, the symmetric L-identification running time asymptotically equals a rational number KL,q . Theorem 1. Let L, n ∈ N, q ∈ N≥2 , q n−1 < N ≤ q n , C ∈ Cq,N and P be the uniform distribution on [N ]. Then it holds that L lim LL,q C (P, P ) = KL,q = − N →∞ (−1)l l=1 ql L .

For the induction bases N = 1, 2 we have that L(P ) = 1 < 5/2 for all P . Now let N > 2 and we distinguish between the following cases. Case 1: p1 ≥ 1 2 In this case we assign c1 = 0 and U1 = {2, . . , N }. Inductively we construct a code C = {cu | u = 2, . . , N } on U1 and we extend this code to a code on U by setting cu = 1cu for u ∈ U1 . It is clear that vmax = 1 because in this case L(P ) would equal 1. This is a contradiction since N > 2 and thereby we have more than one output whose codeword begins with 1 and each of these outputs results in a running time strictly greater than 1.

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