By Praveen Swami

India, Pakistan and the key Jihad explores the background of jihadist violence in Kashmir, and argues that the violent clash which exploded after 1990 used to be no longer a historic discontinuity, but, rather, an escalation of what used to be via then a five-decade outdated mystery struggle. Praveen Swami addresses 3 key concerns: the heritage of jihadist violence in Jammu and Kashmir, that's tested because it advanced from 1947-48 onwards the impression of the key jihad on Indian policy-making on Jammu and Kashmir, and its effect on political lifestyles in the country why the jihad in Jammu and Kashmir obtained such depth in 1990. This new paintings might be of a lot curiosity to scholars of the India-Pakistan clash, South Asian politics and safeguard stories normally.

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Its search for allies was to have momentous consequences for Pakistan itself. In 1952, the Pakistani Foreign Minister, Zafarullah Khan, visited several West Asian states, attempting to sell the idea of an Islamic Bloc stretching from the Indian Ocean to the Mediterranean. The idea was greeted with hostility in Egypt, Syria and Lebanon, where it was seen, with good reason, as a British-sponsored enterprise to create a reactionary Islamist counterweight to Arab nationalism. Choudhury Khaliquzaman, a prominent Muslim League politician who was to become Governor of East Pakistan in April 1953, had no greater success.

He refused. Bourke-White has recorded what happened: It was a curious thing that the tribals did next. I don’t know why these savage nomads should have thought of such a thing unless their sight of the sacred figures in St. Joseph’s Chapel on the hill just above had suggested it to them. They drove nails through the palms of Sherwani’s hands. ”25 Sherwani was finally executed by a firing squad, but his death was not in vain. In retrospect, those three days of carnage in Baramulla were to cost Pakistan all of Jammu and Kashmir.

He dropped his resistance to Abdullah’s involvement in the government, and signed documents acceding to India, thus enabling direct military intervention. 28 General Khan’s use of Islamic myth would inspire those who planned a subsequent military campaign, the war of 1965, but did little to energize the forces he commanded to prevent Indian troops from beating back the invasion to Uri. A similar process of reversal took place in Jammu. By the end of November 1947, Indian forces succeeded in relieving much of the province.

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