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Bob knew that he was not in bad shape for his age, but this was shocking. After a few more workouts, Bob’s puzzlement over his new purchase was growing into a good case of frustration. What went wrong? Bob didn’t realize that he had a smaller-than-average heart and that it could compensate by being able to reach a much higher MHR. In fact, his actual MHR turned out to be an even 200 bpm, 35 beats higher than predicted by the conventional formula. So what’s the story? Let’s start with this fact: The average MHR of a brand new baby, who has a heart the size of a walnut, is 220 bpm.

Eventually, you’ll be able to say fairly accurately what your heart rate is, based solely on how you feel. , you’re still not recovered or it’s really humid and warm), the perception approach can be used to reinforce the accuracy of the higherthan-normal heart rates on your heart rate monitor, allowing you to make sensible adjustments to your workout volume and intensity. 1 Perceived Effort Chart for Runners Rating Percent effort 6 20% effort 7 30% effort 8 40% effort 9 50% effort 10 55% effort 11 60% effort 12 65% effort 13 70% effort 14 75% effort 15 80% effort 16 85% effort 17 90% effort 18 95% effort 19 100% effort 20 Exhaustion Perceived exertion Notes Phase I (endurance) Very, very light Very light Gentle walk Fairly light Somewhat hard Steady pace Phase II (stamina) Hard Phase III (economy) Very hard Phase IV (speed) Very, very hard Factors Affecting Heart Rate at Rest and During Exercise One of the most valuable long-term pieces of information you can gather is resting heart rate.

Several factors affect heart rate at rest and during exercise. In general, the main factors affecting heart rate at rest are fitness and state of recovery. Gender also is suggested to play a role, albeit inconsistently (more about this later). In general, fitter people tend to have lower resting heart rates. Some great athletes of the past have recorded remarkably low resting heart rates. For example, Miguel Indurain, five-time winner of the Tour de France, reported a resting heart rate of only 28 bpm.

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