By Richard M. Leighton Robert W. Coakley

The altering personality of the strategic-logistical difficulties confronted by means of the Washington excessive command within the final years of the battle while U.S. and Allied forces accomplished fabric superiority over their enemies on virtually each entrance.

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To Allied strategic planners at the beginning of 1943 the future looked bright. The United States, with a powerful military machine already in being and mobilization in full swing, possessed not only the potential but also the assured capacity, bolstered by detailed plans and programs, to immensely expand its military power in the year to come. If the limits of the expansion were clearly visible, particularly in terms of manpower, they still offered no cause for great uneasiness. The United States and its allies soon would have the sinews to support an offensive and victorious strategy.

2) JPS 152/1, 3 Apr 43, title: Production of Ldg Cft, ABC 561/1 (19 Mar 43) Sec 1A. (3) For characteristics of the LCT(5) see Appendix B-1, below. 20 GLOBAL LOGISTICS AND STRATEGY: 1943-1945 mounted more guns. They also had sev- craft were concerned, mostly to those eral types of armored support vessels of proposed for operation by British crews larger size, such as the landing craft, in the original ROUNDUP planning. support (medium) (LCS (M)), and the (Tables 1 and 2) landing craft, gun (large) (LCG (L))— Around these proposals a running conall of which mounted machine guns and troversy developed in the combined planmortars.

Land, 25 Feb 43, and other corresp, ABC 570 (2-14- 42) Sec 4. S. Forces for 1943, app. A. (5) Col. A. T. Mason, Special Monograph on Amphibious Warfare, ch. II, pp. 88-91, History of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in World War II, sec. II-D, Part III, MS, JCS Historical Sec. (6) Leighton and Coakley, Global Logistics, 1940-43, pp, 397, 615-23. 17 sults were not impressive, even in the small boat category, until August. The first large personnel carrier (LCI (L)) was not produced until September and the first LST did not come off the ways until October, too late to take part in the North African landings.

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