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Eagle Alignments 27 Versus the pass, the inside linebacker drops down to the hash on the boundary side. He is responsible for defending the hook, square-in, and curl routes. The inside linebacker should try to get approximately 10 yards deep, on or near the hash. The Sam linebacker aligns away from the call and into the boundary. He is the contain player to the boundary. Versus a pro formation, he is in a walk alignment, four yards off the line of scrimmage and four yards outside of the offensive tackle.

Versus a trips pro formation (the tight end is to the trips side of the formation), the eagle linebacker checks to a Stack defensive alignment. The inside linebacker aligns in a 1 and is responsible for the 1 gap. The Sam linebacker stays in his hip alignment. Versus a running play at the Sam linebacker, he should shuffle up to the depth of the heels of the offensive lineman. Keeping his outside arm free, the Sam linebacker should be in position to tackle the ballcarrier if the ballcarrier penetrates through the 3 gap.

If the number two receiver releases vertically, S DE N T R the free safety locks on and covers him SS B E man to man. If the number two receiver releases flat, the free safety looks to the C FS C number one receiver to the field. 2 Field Eagle Cover 5 aligned against number one receiver, then react to the a twin formation. curl. 02/311560/TimB/R1 is, play the curl route first, then help with a post route from an underneath position. Although this alternative can be effective, I prefer to first take away the deep threat.

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