By Ward Wilson

An explosive rethinking of the facility and objective of nuclear guns — and a decision for radical action.

Nuclear guns have continually been a major yet possible insoluble challenge: whereas they’re evidently risky, also they are, it sounds as if, valuable. This groundbreaking research exhibits why 5 crucial arguments selling nuclear guns are, in essence, myths. it's a myth:

• that nuclear guns inevitably surprise and awe rivals, together with Japan on the finish of worldwide struggle II
• that nuclear deterrence is trustworthy in a crisis
• that destruction wins wars
• that the bomb has saved the peace for sixty-five years
• and that we can’t placed the nuclear genie again within the bottle

Drawing on new details and the newest ancient examine, Wilson poses a basic problem to the myths on which nuclear guns coverage is at present equipped. utilizing pragmatic arguments and an unemotional, clear-eyed insistence at the fact, he arrives at a stunning end: nuclear guns are greatly risky, yet don’t seem to be extraordinarily precious. if so, he asks, why could we wish to hold them?

This booklet might be commonly learn and mentioned by way of each person who cares approximately warfare, peace, international coverage, and protection within the twenty-first century.

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I sat for a minute, wishing everything would come back to me—the people I knew and cared about, my own name, some clue as to who I was. And why I was here. But nothing came, and all I had was the thinnest of all possible human connections. A nice nurse doing her job. A smile. Take care. I held onto the steering wheel and rested my head on it. I could’ve stayed like that all night. I could have cried me a river. I could’ve asked her name. I could’ve done all those things, but I knew I had to move out before someone else started asking questions.

Tanks. The drumbeat of machine guns echoing off ridgelines. Not too close. Not yet. I wondered who was taking a beating out there, and I was startled to feel a pull on my hand as Rocko grasped the handkerchief. I looked at his face, and for just a second, I saw the golden silk reflected in his wide-open eyes. I snapped my hand back, stashing the handkerchief in my pocket, as Rocko looked away, glancing at the wounded, doctors, and orderlies crowding around us. More wounded came in, one guy screaming for his mother.

Jeeps spat gravel, pulling onto the road with gears grinding. Everyone was in a hurry, everyone except Rocko and me. Camouflage netting was strung up over stacks of fuel drums and cases of artillery shells. GIs stripped to the waist shoveled sand into burlap bags and stacked them around the explosives. “Welcome to Service and Supply territory, kid,” Rocko said as he nodded at the work crew. “See why I don’t like the idea of fuckin’Tiger tanks roamin’ around down here? ” Gritty dirt turned to hard-packed sand as we approached the beach.

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