By Stephen L. Herman

Now in its 6th version, electrical energy AND CONTROLS FOR HVAC-R equips readers with the data had to paintings successfully with every kind of automobiles and regulate units present in the heating and air-conditioning undefined. past wisdom of electrical energy isn't required as this publication starts off with dialogue of crucial simple electrical energy and electric circuits suggestions. a variety of schematic diagrams and step by step troubleshooting strategies are incorporated to acquaint readers with the entire types of circuits normally encountered within the HVAC-R box.

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732 is the square root of 3). The reason for this voltage increase is that the voltages are 120° out of phase with each other. Figure 5–6 shows a diagram to illustrate this. Because the three voltages are out of phase with each other, they will be added. Vector addition must be used, however, because of the 120° phase shift. If three voltages are shown in a length that corresponds to 120 volts, and a resultant is drawn to the point of intersection, it will be found that the length of the resultant corresponds to 208 volts.

A million is one thousand times larger than a thousand. The first engineering unit less than the base unit is milli, or one one thousandth. The next ENGINEERING UNIT SYMBOL engineering unit less than milli is micro, or one onemillionth. A millionth is one thousand times smaller than a thousandth. These prefixes are used to simplify standard electrical measurements. Five billion watts can be written as 5,000,000,000 W or as 5 GW. 000,025 A or as 25 μA. 000,000,000,001 X10 -12 Figure 2–14 Standard prefixes used in engineering notation.

Find all missing values. 0369 I4 RT R1 ϭ 3,000⍀ R2 ϭ 2,400 ⍀ R3 ϭ 1,800 ⍀ R4 ϭ 4,700 ⍀ 11. 12. PRA CT ICE PROB LEMS SE T 2 Ohm’s Law 1. E ϭ 2. I ϭ I ϭ 10 A R ϭ 12 ⍀ 3. R ϭ E ϭ 220 V R ϭ 10 ⍀ E ϭ 120 V I ϭ3A 5. 2A V = ________________ 4. E ϭ I ϭ1A R ϭ 240 ⍀ UNIT 4 Electrical Circuits 6. 2A 30 Ω V = ________________ 30 Ω PRACT ICE PROBL EMS SE T 3 Ohm’s Law 1. 120 V 10 Ω 10 Ω IT = ________________ 2. 10 Ω 120 V 10 Ω IT = ________________ 10 Ω 3. 240 V 10 Ω 10 Ω 5Ω IT = ________________ 47 48 SECTION 1 Basic Electricity 4.

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