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Increase YOUR video game WITH THIS innovative STRETCHING PROGRAM

Today’s health specialists have stumbled on that either stretching and the way you stretch can have an effect on how good you practice at the box, court docket or music. this is the reason such a lot of most sensible running shoes suggest dynamic stretches.

Dynamic Stretching teaches the best way to successfully arrange your physique for actual job whereas at the same time bettering energy, strength, velocity, agility and persistence. With greater than 50 exercises—fully illustrated with step by step photos—this booklet indicates the way to take your exercises and talents to the following level:

Develop full-body diversity of motion
Enhance full-body motor control
Increase flexibility, stability and muscular endurance
Improve strength new release and response time
Correct significant and minor muscle imbalances

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STARTING POSITION: Stand tall with your feet shoulder-width apart, keeping your shoulders back. starting position 1 Step forward with your left leg into a lunge position, with your front knee bent 90 degrees and in line with your ankle. Bend both arms approximately 90 degrees. 2-3 From this lunge, explode up vertically, thrusting your hips and arms up while keeping a 90-degree angle at your elbows. In the air, your back leg (right) will come forward to become your front leg when landing back into a lunge.

5 However, this theory has not always been supported, as was seen in a recent study on sprint speed times (which involves high-speed explosive movements) over 20 meters in highly trained athletes. 3, 4, 789101112131415-16 Therefore, athletes that perform sports that require strength, speed or power should limit or avoid slow static stretching within about an hour of training or competition. These academic studies, along with the years of coaching practice that have found a limitation on performance with static stretching, provide another reason why performing dynamic warm-ups offer a great benefit for improved athletic performance.

Continue alternating legs. VARIATION The Straight-Leg Skip is the same general movement pattern but the speed of the movement is increased and instead of a walking movement, this is a skipping exercise. This is an advanced movement and requires a good base level of functional flexibility in the lower back and hamstring muscles. linear walking lunge Objective: Develops functional range of motion in the hip flexors while improving strength in the quadriceps, glutes and core. STARTING POSITION: Stand tall with good posture, keeping your shoulders back and your hands on your opposing elbows at shoulder height (think I Dream of Jeannie).

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