By Gary Gygax

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Mercenary Soldier: The likelihood of encountering any given type of mercenary is strictly up to you as DM. A table below shows suggested probabilities, as well as typical numbers. Types will seldom be mixed. If more than 5 ore encountered, 1 will be a serjeont (a leader-type, or equivolent of o non-commissioned officer). It is urged that 1 serjeant for every IO troops be used as a minimum figure with regard to regular soldiers and leoder types. ) Note that regular soldiers are 0 level men-at-arms with 4-7 hit points each 2 flails or pole arm heads Dwarven smiths are three times more efficient and cost ten times as much.

Rolling the indicated base percentage or below indicates that the sage has the knowledge for that particular question. Hiring A Sage: Only fighters, paladins, rangers, thieves, and assassins are able to hire a sage. ) Any character hiring a sage on a permanent basis must have a stronghold with ample space for the sage, as noted above. A sage will accept service only on a permanent, lifetime basis. You must determine if any given question is of general, specific, or exacting nature according to the subject.

Scimitar sword, bastard sword, broad sword, long sword, short sword, two-handed 10/month 8/month 15/month 12/month 20/month 5/month Scabbards for all swords will have to be manufactured by a leather worker of some sort. Location of a weapon maker willing to take service with any player character should be difficult. Daily Employment: Expert hirelings are generally not available for periods of less than one or more months. Soldiers can be hired, but not captains, lieutenants, or serjeants. They recognize hazardous duty, and the cost per day is the same as per month.

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