By Todd J. McCaffrey

Todd McCaffrey’s first solo novel within the vintage Dragonriders of Pern sequence, Dragonsblood, was once hailed by way of critics and embraced by means of the numerous dedicated readers of the landmark technology fiction saga created through his mom, Anne McCaffrey. Now the chronicles of Pern take one other fascinating flip because the embattled planet, the courageous pioneers who name it domestic, and the terrific flame-breathing creatures who fly excessive to guard it confront a dire new challenge.The grim specter of affliction looms over the Weyrs of Pern, felling fire-lizards and posing a in all probability devastating possibility to their dragon cousins, Pern’s sole safety opposed to the lethal phenomenon that's Thread. Fiona, the youngest and basically surviving daughter of Lord Bemin, is simply coming of age, and approximately to imagine the tasks of a Weyrwoman, while note spreads that dragons have certainly began succumbing to the recent contagion. With the following season of Threadfall quick imminent, and the already decreased ranks of the dragons once again below siege, each Weyr throughout Pern is in drawback mode. it's not often the time for irritating distractions–such because the unusual voice Fiona all at once hears in her brain on the darkest and so much pressing moments. conditions and the temper of the weyrfolk aggravate whilst enhance patrols relay the scary information that black dust–the unmistakable usher in of falling Thread–has been sighted. As extra dragons sicken and die, leaving just a new iteration of weyrlings too younger to be successful them, Weyrleader B’Nik and queen rider Lorana arrive from Benden Weyr to brush citadel Weyr’s data in a determined look for clues from the previous that could carry the answer to the plague. yet might the particular prior itself end up the pathway to salvation for Pern’s bothered dragons and the full imperiled planet? Guided through a mysterious best friend from a totally unforeseen position, and trusting within the exact dragon present for transcending time, Fiona will subscribe to a dicy excursion with far-reaching effects for either Pern’s destiny and her own future.

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I thought so,” Cisca said. ” “Okay,” Fiona said. She thought for a moment, then continued. “A Weyrwoman is responsible for the proper running of the hold—I mean, Weyr. She has to handle the staff—” She caught Cisca’s look. ” “Weyrfolk,” Cisca supplied. “Weyrfolk,” Fiona repeated, nodding as she fixed the word in her memory. “She handles the weyrfolk in the preparation of food—” Fiona’s brow furrowed. ” “Yes,” Cisca agreed. ” “Nor do we,” Fiona replied tetchily. She caught herself and blushed, shaking her head.

She had only a foggy map of the Weyr: She had traveled only once from the Hatching Grounds into the Weyr Bowl and up the short ramp into her Weyrwoman’s quarters, and had made only a few trips to the Kitchen Cavern before before figuring out how to use the Weyr’s amazing conveyor system to order food for her quarters. Fiona could never remember feeling so at odds and disjointed. She envied the weyrbred riders who already knew their way around and had been more prepared for these first weeks with a new weyrling.

Having met D’gan, Igen’s Weyrleader—and heard K’lior’s recounting of their meeting—Cisca did not begrudge Tannaz her choice, even while she worried that she and the older woman would come to blows. But it was not so, partly because they were both fundamentally too good and concerned for the Weyr’s well-being to allow any disagreements to exist between them for long. In fact, Cisca had come to value Tannaz’s fiery spirit, quick wit, and steadfast loyalty. ” Tannaz asked. “I think we should both spend more time with Fiona,” Cisca said.

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