By Frank Starke

Das aus 279 Tafelstucken unterschiedlicher Grosse bestehende Corpus der Texte in diesem Band - es handelt sich um magische Rituale, Beschworungen und Festrituale - wurde bereits im sixteen. und 15. Jahrhundert v.Chr. abgefasst. Von wenigen zeitgenossischen Niederschriften abgesehen, sind die Texte uberwiegend in Abschriften des 14. bis thirteen. Jahrhunderts uberliefert. Neben der Darbietung der transliterierten Texte liegt das Hauptgewicht auf einer systematischen Gliederung des Textbestandes und auf der Datierung der Niederschriften nach dem Duktus. Der Vergleich von Duplikat- und Parallelstellen wird durch Konkordanzen erleichtert. Ein Hauptindex, der u.a. technische Angaben wie Schriftgrosse, Fundlage, Tonfarbe und besondere Merkmale der Tafelfragmente berucksichtigt, sowie Verzeichnisse der Anschlussstucke und der nach Duktustypen geordneten Texte beschliessen den Band.

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5 A and so 6i\ is 3 V. A further formal application of the principle of superposition could now be made but it is fairly evident that we have a 3 V source opposing a 5 V source with the resultant being 2 V. 3(c), the left­ most resistor is in parallel with the short circuit and so i\ is zero. It follows that the dependent source is dead. A dead voltage source is characterized by its internal resistance which for an ideal source is zero. The contribution to vo is 8 V and the total is therefore 10 V.

The re­ striction will be removed later. 5(a)). We need not enquire how the driving network develops the current, suffice to say that it is available at its terminals. 5(b)) and adjusted until the current is reduced to zero. The driving network is de­ livering no current and it is therefore operating as if on open circuit. The voltage at its terminals, v , is the open-circuit voltage. The voltage across the external resistor VR = iRb = 0 since i = 0. 5(c)) without affecting either of them. 1) ext making clear that the external source has been set to the open-circuit voltage of the driving network.

Its great merit is that it is very easily adapted to deal with discrete time (digital) systems, to time-varying systems and to non-linear systems. Summary Once again discussing electronic circuits in the context of their properties as phys­ ical systems we saw that the conservation laws for energy and charge take the spe­ cial form known as Kirchhoff's laws. 2 of voltages for any closed path within a network is a statement of the conservation of energy, while Kirchhoff's law for the sum of currents at any node in a network is a statement of the conservation of charge.

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