By Ira Katznelson

In the course of and particularly after the second one international struggle, a gaggle of best students who have been perilously just about the war's devastation joined others lucky sufficient to were secure via distance to be able to redefine and reinvigorate Western liberal beliefs for a notably new age. Treating evil as an analytical type, they sought to find the assets of twentieth-century horror and the prospects of the fashionable country within the wake of western desolation. within the method, they devised strikingly new how you can comprehend politics, sociology and historical past that reverberate nonetheless. during this significant highbrow background, Ira Katznelson examines the works of Hannah Arendt, Robert Dahl, Richard Hofstadter, Harold Lasswell, Charles Lindblom, Karl Polanyi, and David Truman, detailing their engagement with the bigger undertaking of reclaiming the West's ethical bearing.

In mild in their epoch's calamities those intellectuals insisted that the culture of Enlightenment concept required a brand new realism, a great deal of maintenance, and lots more and plenty recommitment. This array of historians, political philosophers, and social scientists understood easy reassertion of liberal modernism have been made greatly inadequate via the enormities and ethical catastrophes of battle, totalitarianism, and holocaust. Confronting their period's dashed hopes for cause and information, they requested not only no matter if the Enlightenment should still outline modernity, yet which Enlightenment we should always desire to have. many years later, in the course of a brand new kind of struggle and reanimated discussions of the idea that of evil, we percentage no small stake in assessing their successes and obstacles.

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Ibid. 10338-Dude, Where's My Country? 38 8/27/03 1:09 PM Page 38 MICHAEL MOORE your head? What did that look on your face mean? Of all the questions I’ve asked you, it is this one that has me totally stumped. Were you thinking you should have taken reports the CIA had given you the month before more seriously? You had been told al Qaeda was planning attacks in the United States and that planes would possibly be used. ”? Or were you just scared shitless? It’s okay if you were, we all were. Nothing wrong with that.

66 The country plunged into civil war. When the Taliban rose to power in the mid-nineties, they were met with absolute glee in Washington. approved Saudi Arabian model of good government—stronghand oppression while giving the West what it needed. This made them a country we could play ball with. 67 But not the oil companies. Unocal stuck it out and plunged on with their pipeline deal with the Taliban, teaming up with Saudiowned Delta Oil. Delta is headed by a man named Mohammed 65. Tyler Marshall, “High stakes in the Caspian,” Los Angeles Times, February 23, 1998; Richard B.

27 The Taliban, as you know, were invited to come to Texas while you were governor of the state. 56 Mr. Bush, what was this all about? According to London’s Telegraph Online, your oil company friends rolled out the red carpet for some of the world’s most notorious, murderous thugs and showed them a real good, down-home, Texas time. First, the Taliban leaders spent a few days in Sugarland, Texas, enjoying the pleasures of Western extravagance. 57 “Houston, we have a problem” apparently never crossed your mind, even though the Taliban were perhaps the most repressive fundamentalist regime on the planet.

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