By Paul S. Kemp

The shadows recede from a misplaced temple in a forgotten wilderness.The solar rises on a brand new calling for a guy as unswerving as he's mysterious.The day's starting unearths Erevis Cale conserving in his regular palms extra energy than he dared desire for - and extra accountability than he ever imagined.For now, he'll need to positioned his belief in a god served through theives and born of chaos.

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All isn't really good within the Letherii Empire. Rhulad Sengar, the Emperor of 1000 Deaths, spirals into insanity, surrounded by way of sycophants and brokers of his Machiavellian chancellor.   in the meantime, the Letherii mystery police behavior a crusade of terror opposed to their very own humans. The Errant, as soon as a farseeing god, is all of sudden unaware of the long run. Conspiracies seethe through the palace, because the empire - pushed via the corrupt and self-interested - edges ever-closer to all-out warfare with the neighboring kingdoms.    The nice Edur fleet--its warriors chosen from hundreds and hundreds of people--draws nearer. among the warriors are Karsa Orlong and Icarium Lifestealer--each destined to go blades with the emperor himself. That but extra blood is to be spilled is inevitable. .. by contrast backdrop, a band of fugitives search a manner out of the empire, yet one in every of them, worry Sengar, needs to locate the soul of Scabandari Bloodeye. it really is his desire that the soul can help halt the Tiste Edur, and so store his brother, the emperor. but, touring with them is Scabandari's so much old foe: Silchas wreck, brother of Anomander Rake. And his causes are whatever yet sure - for the injuries he consists of on his again, made through the blades of Scabandari, are nonetheless clean.  Fate decrees that there's to be a reckoning, for such bloodshed can't pass unanswered--and will probably be a looking on an incredible scale. this can be a brutal, harrowing novel of warfare, intrigue and darkish, uncontrollable magic; this can be epic fable at its so much resourceful, storytelling at its so much exciting.

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The glowing coals of the wraiths' eyes behind them looked like the campfires of an army. They moaned and surged forward. " Cale shouted. Magadon and Riven ran full out for the center of the cemetery, pushing their way through the fog that still resisted them. Cale and Jak followed as best they could while backstepping, continuing to slow the advance of the wraiths by channeling the power of their respective deities. " Sweating and gasping, Jak replied, "But they aren't. " "Maybe," Cale said. Over his shoulder, he shouted to Magadon and Riven, "If they wanted to attack, they could have already.

Similarly, the Tap's thick roots extended downward to penetrate the squirming bodies of the semi-conscious ghaele demons. Bursting from their malformed backs the roots invisibly enmeshed themselves in the weft of the Shadow Weave near the rounded floor, itself speckled with amethysts. Vhostym ignored the pained moans of the creatures upon which the Tap fed. They were little more than sentient, pain-ridden husks. Living fertilizer, their nearly extinguished life-force had helped speed the Tap's growth.

Cale and Jak struggled to keep up while backstepping. Together, they set up an invisible wall of resistance that prevented the wraiths from closing. But they could not hold it forever. Though the wraiths had not yet made a determined push, with each step they increased the pressure. More and more the creatures tested the limits of Cale and Jak's collective strength. The shadow fog grew so tangibly thick around them that Cale felt like he was moving through water; or perhaps he was just exhausted.

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