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However, if you watch good fielders, you will notice that they often move to the correct position as a shot is played. They anticipate how a batsman will play a particular ball. For instance, if you are fielding in a point position and watching the trajectory of the ball in flight, you have two options. You can brace yourself for a forceful back-foot shot if the ball is short. You can move forward into an attacking position if the ball is pitched up, given that the batsman will either defend or drive the ball forward.

The third fielder, who can also call the end to which the throw should be directed Despite the fact that most fielders are only directly involved in the play for a small percentage of total fielding time, all players must be prepared to initiate movement to the appropriate position based on the situation. In football terms, this is often called unrewarded running. Players chase opponents to maintain pressure without actually being involved in the play. Be prepared for the time when your unrewarded running puts you into the play.

T he repetitive nature of skill practice often leads athletes to simply go through the motions in training sessions. When bowling, players are often not accountable for their actions because no one else knows their target. To give bowlers more purpose and motivation, try a group of deliveries bowled in a sequence of six (an over). These limitless six-packs challenge the bowler’s imagination. Essentially, the task involves developing a pattern of deliveries that can be utilised in a game to deceive the batter.

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