By Judith W. Herrman PhD ANEF FAAN

Be extra artistic in any atmosphere. listed below are greater than one hundred thirty sensible, proper, and easy-to-implement educating recommendations that can assist you to be extra artistic in any lecture room environment. Dr. Judith Herrman bargains ideas collected over decades from her personal instructing reports which are adaptable to private educating content material, meet the desires of quite a few studying types, and reveal innovation in nursing education.

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5 mg of naloxone, available in a 400-mcg/mL solution. What is the dose? 25 mL) 3. A client is to receive 500 mg of phenytoin, available in a 75-mg/mL solution. How many milliliters should he receive? 6 mL) Box 2–3. Brain Teaser To Keep You Thinking A client is to receive lidocaine at a rate of 2 mg/min. A 250-mL bottle of D5W contains 1 gm of lidocaine. ” At what rate should the nurse set the IV? 5 ϭ 30 gtt/min • Post the Brain Teaser to the class or to the organization’s Web page. Provide prizes for those who enter the class with the right answer.

Give prizes in front of the class to the ones who answer correctly. You can combine this strategy with Admit Ticket. • Send the Brain Teasers out in the confirmation letter or in the registration materials. Use them to stimulate interest in a topic and discuss the answers in class as an icebreaker. qxd 2/29/08 1:56 PM Page 32 Copyright © 2008 by F. A. Davis. 32 Creative Strategies for the Nurse Educator Box 2–2. Brain Teaser To Start You Thinking 1. A client is to receive 500 mg of ampicillin. The drop factor is 15 gtt/mL.

The ball became the Koosh Ball. Not only is it safe for in-house play, but its inventor has made millions of dollars. I’ve used the same story to illustrate concepts such as creative problem-solving and personal achievement. I also use it to introduce a subject that may require an open mind, such as a change in agency policy, a difficult topic, or a problem warranting creative solutions or a shift in thinking. • Give out “learning favors,” much like party favors, to help students remember both the class content and the association with the favor when they look at it.

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