By KASTEN Hermann -

Milano, Arnoldo Mondadori, 1960, octavo (cm. 15 x 21) tutta tela editoriale con sovraccopertina illustrata a colori, pp. 476-(4) con 24 illustrazioni fuori testo. Prima edizione.

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And E. ‘After God expelled Adam and Eve from Eden, he summoned them’ (VeV 16) The Old Italian left periphery 33 If sì were a head, the verb would be blocked in the TP and no inversion would be possible, at least not in front of the direct object. Hence, OI still lags behind Old Neapolitan. Summing up: the hypothesis that sì is a prosecutive operator setting the clause against the context explains: (a) why it can occur in embedded clauses; (b) why it can be substituted by other similar elements like or; (c) why it is never found at the beginning of a whole text.

Quando Idio, cui tu ami . . 2sg ‘When God, whom you love . . ’ (VeV 43) d. 2sg that is between the fence that is in mezzo a loro in between to them ‘Depending on the side of the fence that is between them’ (VeV 44) e. inf ‘When he does not want someone else to reach him’ (VeV 49) f. 3sg light from darkness separated ‘When he separated light from darkness’ (VeV 66) g. 3sg (VeV 74) The Old Italian left periphery h. 2sg ‘As you said above’ di of 13 sopra above (VeV 24) i. 2sg ‘This one that you see’ (VeV 44) It seems to be the case that the licensing of null subjects differs according to several factors, not only clause type.

VN 58) b. E parlandomi così, sì mi cessò la forte and talking-me so so me stopped the strong ‘(While he was) talking to me like that, I stopped dreaming’ fantasia fantasy (VN 98) c. 3sg to me one ‘After this song was sung, a man came to me . . ’ (VN 133) d. 3sg a mule and il mulo sì li mostrò il piede dritto the mule so her showed the foot right ‘While the vixen was going through the wood, she met a mule, who showed her his right foot’ (Nov. XCIV, 337) In all these cases sì does not seem to mean ‘in this way’.

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