By Bannour Ahmed, Mohammad Abdul Matin

This publication introduces the reader to the MIMO-OFDM approach, in Rayleigh frequency selective-channels. Orthogonal frequency department multiplexing (OFDM) has been followed within the instant local-area community criteria IEEE 802.11a because of its excessive spectral potency and talent to accommodate frequency selective fading. the mix of OFDM with spectral effective a number of antenna ideas makes the OFDM a great candidate to beat the frequency selective problems.

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32) over all pairs of distinct codeword C and Cˆ when only w out of Z users have for w = 1 . Z. 33) f =1 over all pairs of distinct codeword C and Cˆ when only w out of Z users have for w = 1 . Z. ] show that joint code designs are necessary whenever multiple users transmit concurrently at high rates. Otherwise, employing the traditional single-user ST/SF codes for each of the users is optimal. But their work is limited to a 2-user case only and no explicit systematic code design was given. Based on this concept, Zhang and Letaief propose a systematic design of SF codes to achieve the full diversity when multiple user error dominates.

13) H ni = √ ⎜ 11 h 21 ⎟ 0 0 h ⎜ 5⎝ n i n i+1 ⎟ ⎠ 22 0 0 h 12 n i h n i+1 46 4 Algebraic Space-Time (ST) Codes: An Overview where h n i is the channel coefficient at time n i . To decode the received signal we use the MMSE decoder. H ˆ I+H SNR −1 HˆH . 14) where H is a L × 4 matrix, y is a L × 1 vector and I is the identity L × L matrix. 2 Correlated Rayleigh Fading Channel We suppose that the encoded signal is transmitted over a non selective Rayleigh fading channel. We adopt here the Clarke channel model.

It was shown that the maximum diversity is the product of time diversity, frequency diversity, and space diversity [9]. Recently, a systematic design of high-rate STF codes was proposed for MIMO frequency-selective block-fading channels in [5]. By spreading the algebraic coded symbols across different OFDM subchannels, transmit antennas, and fading blocks, the proposed STF codes can achieve a rate- At and a full diversity of At Ar Au L, where is the number of independent fading blocks in the codewords.

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