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The City and the Grassroots: A Cross-cultural Theory of Urban Social Movements

The town and the Grassroots: A Cross-Cultural conception of city Social routine (California sequence in city improvement) [Oct 10, 1985] Castells, Manuel

Urban poverty and violence in Jamaica

E-book through Moser, Caroline O. N. , Holland, Jeremy

Complexity Theories of Cities Have Come of Age: An Overview with Implications to Urban Planning and Design

This present day, our towns are an embodiment of the advanced, ancient evolution of data, wishes and know-how. Our deliberate and designed actions co-evolve with our aspirations, mediated through the present applied sciences and social buildings. the town represents the accretion and accumulation of successive layers of collective task, structuring and being dependent via different, more and more far away towns, attaining now correct world wide.

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