Chapter 1 Chairman's starting comments (pages 1–5): Lord Kilbrandon
Chapter 2 Transplantation: The scientific challenge (pages 6–23): M. F. A. Woodruff
Chapter three An Old?Established technique: the improvement of Blood Transfusion (pages 24–42): G. E. W. Wolstenholme
Chapter four A lately tested method: Corneal Transplantation (pages 43–53): P. V. Rycroft
Chapter five Organ Transplantation: the sensible probabilities (pages 54–77): Joseph E. Murray
Chapter 6 Transplantation: latest felony Constraints (pages 78–103): David W. Louisell
Chapter 7 a few moral and fiscal difficulties linked to Intermittent Haemodialysis (pages 104–125): H. E. de Wardener
Chapter eight difficulties of Ethics on the subject of Haemo?Dialysis and Transplantation (pages 126–133): G. E. Schreiner
Chapter nine a few common concerns (pages 134–138): J. Hamburger
Chapter 10 moral difficulties in scientific techniques in Sweden (pages 139–148): G. B. Giertz
Chapter eleven moral difficulties in clinical tactics (pages 149–170): Sir Robert Platt
Chapter 12 Outlines of a laws on Transplantation (pages 171–187): R. Cortesini
Chapter thirteen Transplantation: Acceptability of methods and the mandatory criminal Sanctions (pages 188–211): David Daube
Chapter 14 Chairman's final feedback (pages 212–215): Lord Kilbrandon

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2) The establishment of a Donor Eye Bureau which regularly contacts hospitals where grafts are performed when fresh donor material is available, or directs donor material from other hospitals in the region to the surgeon requiring it for keratoplasty. Last year the Eye Bank sent donor material to over 17 hospitals. (3) The preservation in sterile 95 per cent glycerin of surplus corneas for lamellar grafts which are exported through the Overseas Eye Bank Division of the South-East Regional Eye Bank.

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