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Trademark Surveys: A Litigator's Guide

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PASCAL-XSC: Language Reference with Examples

This handbook describes a PASCAL extension for medical computation with the fast name PASCAL-XSC (PASCAL eXtension for medical Computation). The language is the results of a protracted time period attempt of participants of the Institute for utilized arithmetic of Karlsruhe collage and several other linked scientists.

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In addition, the PVLAN domain contains secondary VLANs that provide isolation between ports in a PVLAN domain. Cisco Catalyst switches support two categories of secondary VLANs: n Isolated VLANs: Ports belonging to an isolated VLAN lack Layer 2 connectivity between one another. n Community VLANs: Ports belonging to a community VLAN can communicate with one another, but not with ports in other community VLANs PVLAN ports fall into one of three categories: n Promiscuous: Promiscuous ports are typically used to communicate with network devices (for example, routers or backup servers), and these ports can communicate with all other PVLAN ports.

Integrated E-Commerce Designs Base Module Design This basic e-commerce design uses a core layer that houses the first stage of firewalls. Aggregation and access layers are trusted zones with no security between the web, application, and database zones. Routed mode is used to provide connectivity to the SLBs or firewalls by the aggregation layer. Further, all e-commerce traffic goes via the CSMs, which might require additional CSM configuration for direct access to the servers for non-load-balanced sessions initiated by the servers.

CCDP ARCH Quick Reference Return to Table of Contents Page 61 [ 60 ] CCDP ARCH Quick Reference by Kevin Wallace and Michael Watkins CHAPTER 8 Securing an Enterprise Network Cisco combines multiple admission control and policy enforcement mechanisms into a device called a NAC Appliance. Specifically, the NAC Appliance is composed of the following four elements: n Cisco NAC Appliance Manager (Cisco NAM): Acts as a NAC Appliance administration server for defining poli- cies n Cisco NAC Appliance Server (Cisco NAS): Acts as a policy enforcement server between the trusted and untrusted networks n Cisco NAC Appliance Agent (Cisco NAA): Acts as an optional agent for Windows-based clients n NAC Appliance Policy Updates: Checks the status of updates applied to operating systems, antivirus signatures, and other client software When designing a NAS deployment, consider the following variables: n Virtual gateway or real gateway: Defines the NAS as a Layer 2 or Layer 3 device n In-band or out-of-band operating mode: Defines how traffic flows through the NAS n Layer 2 or Layer 3 client access mode: Defines user device adjacency (that is, Layer 2 or Layer 3) to the NAS n Central or edge physical deployment: Defines whether the NAS device is physically inline with the data flow Cisco recommends that NAC Appliance deployments be designed with full redundancy.

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