By Carol Berg

Everybody in Navronne seems after Valen. there's the fanatical Harrower priestess, Sila Diaglou, who desires to raze the dominion. The Bastard Prince Osriel, who steals lifeless men's eyes. And the Pureblood Registry, decided to maintain each pureblood sorcerer in thrall. Even beings out of delusion, the Danae guardians, whose dancing nurtures the earth and whose cognizance may perhaps end up the costliest of all.

As Navronne sinks deeper into civil battle and dangerous iciness, Valen reveals himself a bargaining chip in a dangerous standoff. Doomed to insanity by way of his dependancy to the doulon, and certain by way of oaths he refuses to desert, the younger sorcerer dangers physique and soul to rescue one baby, search justice for one other, and produce the sick land its righteous king. but nobody is who they appear, and Valen's look for therapeutic grace leads him from Harrower dungeons to the very center of the area. within the twilight of a legend, he at final discovers the difficult fact of the arrival darkish age and the wonderful, poor rate of the land's redemption...and his own.

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The Everlasting is in upheaval, to the ruin of our land, our beasts, and all humankind. to make it right again. The gard of the dragon names thee Kol, friend and foster brother of Eodward King, brother to shining Clyste, who danced as none before her. In Eodward's name we beg hearing. " The Dane shifted his gold eyes to Gram. Cocking his head, he flared his nostrils and inhaled deeply. His lip curled. "Human speech is briar and nightshade. Human loyalty is that of wild dogs and weasels. " His finger pointed to the dark pool.

I hoped for news of Jullian. Nemesio's nostrils flared as if an ill odor permeated the room. Difficult to imagine this unimaginative and slightly pompous man conspiring with the passionate, aristocratic Abbot Luviar to create the magical cache of books and tools they called the lighthouse. The prior set his copper pitcher on the table and arranged the five cups beside it in a neat row. " Voushanti rumbled disapproval. I acted quickly, lest protocol violations end the visit. "You must not address me directly, Father Prior, but only Mardane Voushanti, as he represents my contracted master, Prince Osriel.

The mask, a bit of silk light as ash, slipped onto the left side of my face like another layer of skin and held its place without ties or bands of any kind. Someone had given my exact description to the one who had created and ensorcelled it. Of all pureblood disciplines, I most hated that of the mask. Then we waited. Though the great bronze bells had fallen from the church tower, the monks rang handbells to keep to their schedule of devotions and work. I would have preferred to get on with whatever vileness Osriel planned for me.

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